Abraham Lincoln Wrestler Coin Drop

Abraham Lincoln Wrestler Coin Drop

coin drop Jun 22, 2022

He's here, folks! Abraham Lincoln... the Wrestler! The coin you never knew you needed.

One thing we love about the An American Life coin series is all the cool things we've been learning about our historical heroes. Like that Ben Franklin was a firefighting pioneer, or that George Washington was self-conscious about his lack of formal education his whole life. Well, who knew Abraham Lincoln was a renowned wrestler?

You do, now. Let's hear it from Old Abe himself...

But first, set your reminder alarms for:

Thursday, June 23rd @ 11am

Mountain Time

Introducing the 3rd coin in the An American Life Abraham Lincoln collection:

2022 An American Life Abraham Lincoln Wrestler 1/2oz Silver Coin

Year of Issue: 2022
Country of Issue: Cook Islands
Mint: Mayer Mint
Face Value: 2 Dollars
Coin Weight: 1/2 Troy Ounce
Metal Purity: 0.999
Metal Composition: Fine Silver
Mintage: 5,000
Features: Colorized

Did you know the 16th President of the United States has been inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame? It's true! Abe Lincoln was a mighty opponent in his day, winning an estimated 300 rounds with only one recorded loss! Wrestling came easily to Lincoln, whose shrewd observation of others allowed him to discern their weaknesses and use them to beat them, a talent that came in handy during his time in Congress!

2022 An American Life Abraham Lincoln Wrestler 1/2oz Silver Coin MS70
2022 An American Life Abraham Lincoln Wrestler 1/2oz Silver Coin MS70
Abe Lincoln - The Toughest Wrestler Around!
We bet it’s a little known fact that Abraham Lincoln, since his death, has been inducted into the National Wrestler Hall of Fame. Yes-sir-ee, Abe was quite the specimen at 22, tall and brawny, and something about him just made people wanna test their strength! Whether because of this
Learn more about Abe's wrestling exploits
An American Life: Abraham Lincoln Coin Series
An American Life: Abraham Lincoln Coin Series Railsplitter. The Emancipator. Honest Abe. Most commonly known by the name… Abraham Lincoln. From a beginning in what was once described as a “hunter’s hut not fit to be a home” to an end as a great American martyr, Abraham Lincoln lived
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