The Why of 7k

The Why of 7k

why 7k Apr 1, 2024

In 2016, four businessmen met in the unassuming town of Ucon, Idaho, sat in the rickety chairs of a dusty diner, and hatched a plan to change the world. Fast-forward eight years, their dream has taken flight: spreading its wings across international borders, planting itself in the hearts of a global community, setting records and standards for an age-old industry, and turning the tides in favor of those who dare to dream and do. But you probably knew all that. This is the story of 7k, and you’re one of us: THE BELIEVERS.


“We see things differently. They say stop, we say go; they strive for mediocracy, we’re obsessed with significance. They said we couldn’t do it, so we did it anyway. We’re coming for everything they said we couldn’t have. We build leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs that create generational wealth, transform families, bring hope to the helpless, and significance to the successful. We are the Believers!”

This has been the 7k mantra since the beginning; our purpose has never changed. 7k Co-Founders Josh Anderson and Zach Davis recently sat down on their podcast, ‘Sound Money, Sound Principles: Believers’, and discussed the fundamental principles 7k and the soundmoney® wallet were founded on. They explained that the initial issue that sparked the idea for 7k was how to ‘help the average individual make above-average income.’


As entrepreneurs with decades of experience, especially within the direct sales industry, both men recognize the model’s potential for greatness as one ‘designed by nature to help the full-time employee transition into being an entrepreneur and to be able to earn side money and create more time [Zach Davis.] Our Founders also recognize that while many businesses have implemented the system in a way that misuses its powers, network marketing remains an incredible way to connect and empower people—especially when paired with a truly remarkable mission. Using direct sales to sell the world’s oldest and most intrinsically valuable product, Gold and Silver, was an idea brought to them by Richard Hansen, and with the promise of funding assured by Co-Founder Roger Ball, the dream of 7k was born and quickly grew.

We say all the time that when working in the 7k compensation structure, it is not effortless to make additional income…but it is possible, unlike in other network marketing businesses. That’s on purpose. There are people who share 7k and generate supplemental income every month, and the $250 or $500 checks they collect are enough to give them opportunities to significantly change the quality of their daily lives and futures. We transparently state the work and learning involved to make success happen because we know that the time, effort, and education are worth it to those who want it, and in the long run, will benefit them on an even greater scale in their lives.


Gold and Silver are our products because they are valuable and they contribute to the freedom of those who own them. ‘Gold and Silver, by its very nature, breeds independence, breeds freedom, breeds protection… Every king and queen of this earth has possessed it. Every wealthy family that has wanted to build a legacy for their family has used it as the very thing to do that. […] It’s so empowering that the largest corporations and companies on the earth use it for protection and freedom’ [Josh Anderson.] What the 7k Founders learned on their journey to build an accessible opportunity for average households across the world to own precious metals was that if the most powerful forces in the world—governments, corporations, royalty, wealthy families—instinctively trusted in Gold and Silver to protect wealth and enhance liberty, these assets must have the ability to do so. And if that were true, they must become available to everyday people who need those protections and freedoms as well. Through this realization, helping average individuals and families learn about and get their hands on precious metals became their focus and mission.


Countless challenges have popped up and faced 7k over the years. Our leaders and teams have put their heads together and solved them, time after time. No problem has proved too big to tackle with the team we’ve put together. We’ve developed reliable ties to the best players for each facet of our business and we employ all the resources and talents at our fingertips to continually better what we have to offer. But the number one advantage 7k has over all other precious metals companies out there is our people. You are an army of good, compassionate, tenacious individuals and it’s because of and for you that we exist and can share this mission globally.

From its inception to today, 7k Metals’ true purpose has been about helping people. Our leadership continually looks to the future and makes decisions based on education, experience, and an unwavering desire to ingrain this company into the fabric of the world as a force for good. We want to leave things better than we found them, and we want the improvements to ripple through generations. We know that this is what all of you want as well, what you’re working for every day, and we’re so thankful for all that you do.

Never forget these basic principles of 7k’s purpose: To help people…

  1. Understand the power of precious metals and how and why to have them.
  2. Be empowered with a source of creating lasting, valuable legacies.
  3. Have an opportunity to make a little extra money by spreading the knowledge of gold and silver.

*DISCLAIMER: Information provided by 7k or available on 7k’s website
is for educational purposes. 7k and 7k Associates are not investment
advisors and do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice.

Buying, owning, and selling precious metals and numismatic coins carries
risk and has legal and tax implications. The price and future value
of precious metals and collectibles are based on many factors and
are subject to market, economic, and political conditions. Past performance
is no guarantee of future value. Consult your own legal, tax
and financial advisors before purchasing precious metals or becoming
a 7k Associate.

7k Associates can earn supplemental income by referring customers to
7k. Referral commissions are based on actual sales made by 7k directly
to customers. Results vary and success is not guaranteed and requires
time, skill, and hard work. More than 80% of those who buy 7k products
each month are customers who acquire precious metals and collectible
coins for their own collections, and they do not apply to participate in
the 7k Share Plan. Median gross earnings for active 7k Associates are
about $500 per year, excluding taxes and customary business expenses,
which vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. Learn
more at


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