Who Is Your Market?

Who Is Your Market?

zach davis Oct 19, 2021

Video Transcription:

"Hey tribe, what’s going on?

Hey, so I'm just sitting here in a hotel room just waiting for a meeting to get started, and I had a couple thoughts I wanted to share with you guys. It’s really interesting how in our world of direct sales you know, it’s funny because you hear all of these companies and all of these associates out there--look, maybe I’ve been guilty of it, you’ve been guilty of it too, but that’s okay because once we recognize it, then we can kinda just fix it, right? So what happens a lot of times is somebody will ask us, “What’s your market?” Right? So for us, we say, “Okay, our market…” (By the way, do you guys ever just pull this stuff out and just like, play with it? Is that not sweet what we do?) Anyhow, we say, “Everybody in the world has gotta have, and they need silver, right? Or they need gold. Basically, everybody in the world needs what we have, so the entire world is our market.”

I want you to think about that for just a second. If that’s what your market is, and that’s what you go out every single day trying to get in front of your market, what you’re really saying is: you don’t have a market, okay? So that’s sort of like taking a handful of mud, and throwing it on the wall, and seeing what sticks.

I want you guys to really start thinking about who your target demographic is. Who exactly is your market? After all, there’s a difference between selling and prescribing. Now, I’m not saying selling is wrong. I love sales, right? I get a high off of sales. I love to help connect people with products that I know they need, and they want, and I love getting paid for it. So while I absolutely love sales, you need to remember that in order to do our business, it’s not just about all the sales.

Think about it for a second: when you go to the doctor, you’re looking for a product that can fix your symptoms. When he says, “Here’s a prescription,” well, you run down as fast as you can, or you have him call in the prescription, and you go in to pick it up. He doesn’t have to sell you on it, because you’re already looking for it. So you go to him and say, “Hey, can you connect me with a product that can fix the pain or the problem that I'm having, and move me towards my pleasure?” Right? So then you go to the pharmacist, and he says, “Alright, here it is, here’s how much, you gotta pay now.” The pharmacist doesn’t stand there, and give you some type of a sales pitch about how this is gonna cure you and how much you gotta pay. He just tells you the price and you pay it and you’re happy to pay it.

I want you to think about that process. The reason you’re happy to pay it is because you went looking. You had a problem and you went looking for a solution. The doctor referred you to the pharmacist, who prescribed you medicine to fix your problem.

As entrepreneurs, guys, really what we are are relationship entrepreneurs, right? We are in the relationship business. This is why it’s so critical to do the hundred name list, and everybody’s like, “Ah! Hundred name list...I don’t wanna do it. I’ve heard of that before, it never works.” No you guys, maybe it has never worked because you don't know how to work the list. Maybe you never put it together properly.

That being said, start thinking about who you know that needs what we have. So, basically the whole world, right? Everybody needs gold and silver, and we all believe that, right? Thing is, not everybody’s looking for gold and silver. You can run around, and you can try to convince thousands of people that they have to have it, and that they need to join the business. Or, you can try to convince thousands of people that they need to have a residual passive income, and try to get them to join the business. What ends up happening now is you’re in sales mode. Everybody you’re talking to, you’re trying to sell to.

who is your target market

What would happen if you sat down and you actually started identifying: who is your perfect customer? Who is the person that is absolutely perfect for the business? What if you started writing down their characteristics, and the things that they would want and the things that they would need. Then think about where do these people organize themselves? What forums online? What Facebook groups? What community events do they go to? If you could start figuring out who that perfect target market is, and then you actually created a market? Guess what? Now you have those people that are actually looking for what we have, and now all you’re doing is getting in front of them. That’s the ultimate sale. Now all of the sudden, you’re prescribing to those people, medicine that will fix their problem. You’re no longer selling to them. They’re already looking for a solution to the problem they have, so what you've gotta do is get in front of them. So you’ve gotta find them.

So here’s my challenge-- Instead of just randomly calling up a whole bunch of people, or throwing a bunch of stuff on Facebook or online, just hoping that somebody will bite, I want you to sit down, and I want you to write it out.

  • Who is your target market?
  • Who are the people that you want in your business?
  • Who are the people that need what we have, and that want what we have?
  • Who is it that’s looking for us?
  • What are their characteristics?
  • What are they like?
  • Where do those people hang out?

And then just go hang out there. Because if you hang out there, you’ll meet those people, and you’ll hear the conversations, and you know they're already looking for us, so now you can be like, “Look, I’m the doctor, I’m prescribing you this medicine, here’s what you need to do.” Then, drop the coin. I bet they buy it, and now all of the sudden, you get to change their life. Alright? So give that a try, guys. Sit down, write out your target demographic: who it is that you think needs the company? Who's looking for us? And get in front of those people, not just every joe-shmo on the street.

That’s why we always say: some will, some won’t, so what? Okay, we’re looking for those that are looking for us. And I mean that literally, okay? It’s not just cliche. There are literally people who are looking for what we do and those are the ones you’re trying to get in front of.

Give that a try guys, and we’ll see you on the next video."


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