Take Out The Trash

Take Out The Trash

zach davis Oct 26, 2021


Video Transcription:

"Hey, what’s up guys?

As I was leaving the house this morning, I took out the trash and thought of you guys. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Here’s the deal. The reason I was thinking of you guys is because I know there’s a lot of you who want to be super successful, and you want to hit that millionaire status, that million dollar mark, or whatever your significant goal is. And look, there are things in your life that are just not allowing you to hit it.

take out the trash in your life

What’s interesting is that a lot of us have a garbage disposal, we have trash cans, we have a garbage service come (the city or the county or whoever comes and picks up the trash), or we haul it out ourselves. After all, it would be ridiculous to think that, you know, let’s just hang onto that stuff-- let’s just store all of our trash, all of our garbage, all the unused things, all the unwanted things; the things that we really should be getting rid of, let's just store all that stuff.

As ludicrous as that would sound, guys, here’s what’s going on for a lot of you. You’ve had past mistakes, you’ve had past “failures”--right that’s what we call them, but what we should be calling them are educations--but the problem is we don’t let go of those. So we hang onto all of that garbage from the past, and we hang onto all of our imperfections, and we hang onto all of our insecurities, and all of the things that have stopped us from being successful in the past. We just hang onto them, and we log those in a file somewhere back in our mind. It’s ludicrous to hang onto that stuff because it doesn’t serve you. I mean, think about it. If I open up a can of tuna fish and I leave the can on the counter for months and months and months and months, what purpose does that serve me? Alright, it doesn’t do me any good, it doesn't do anybody else any good and pretty quick it starts to stink and everybody starts to see it. That’s exactly what happens in our lives. We hang onto those imperfections in our lives, and all of the sudden they start to manifest, and they start to stink. We then start to become the kind of people that nobody wants to be around, because we’re just full of trash.

declutter your life

That being said, here’s my challenge for you guys. I was cleaning out my closet a couple weeks ago and the thought came to me. The truth is, I’m getting heavier. My pants don’t fit anymore and my shirts are getting a little tight. I needed to buy some new jeans and a couple new shirts. As I was looking at my closet I thought, “Holy cow, I got a lot of stuff in here that I just never wear.” Again, back to the previous concept: it’s not useful to me, it’s not doing me any good, it’s just taking up space. But, in order for me to allow new things to come into my life, I gotta get rid of some old things. Whether it’s physical possessions, or actual thoughts that you’re having, or self sabotage, all those things, just get rid of them. In order for you to be successful, and in order for you to get new things in your life that are gonna help you, you gotta get rid of the trash.

When you make your next New Year’s goals, what I want you to be thinking about is not only the things that you want, but I want you to also think about the things that you need to get rid of, okay? If you have bad habits, okay. If you’re on social media too much so you’re not working your business, just get rid of it. Make a goal to get rid of those things in your life, because what you’ll find is the universe is like a vacuum-- It doesn't like empty, void space. So what it will do is you’ll automatically start filling that void with the positive goals you’ve set, and as you get rid of things in your life, the universe will conspire in your favor for you to be successful, if you have set positive goals. And all of the sudden, you’ll find out that all of those goals will start manifesting in your life because there’s room for it.

So, take out the trash, get rid of it. It doesn’t serve you and it’s not useful, and people would rather be around someone who’s not full of trash anyway. Alright guys, hope this helps. Talk to you soon."


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