New Specialty AutoSaver Gold Option!

New Specialty AutoSaver Gold Option!

state animal coins Jun 28, 2021

Big news! The Specialty AutoSaver will be shipping a brand new offering starting July 1st!

Some of you may have been collecting the U.S. State Animal Series in our Variety Autosaver, so you're already familiar with that coin series. If not, you can check out the coins that have been released so far here.

For those of you subscribed to the Specialty AutoSaver, you've received some very rare and interesting coins over the past few years and that won't change.

What IS changing, however, is that starting July 1st, you'll be receiving a brand new 7k Exclusive series in GOLD!

We told you it was coming... Now it's HERE!

The U.S. State Animal Coin Series in GOLD!

Here's the best news of all...

The new coins will be $179 and you'll earn 15 points, instead of the old price of $309! This will be the new price moving forward and GOLD will be the norm!

Anyone currently subscribed to the Specialty AutoSaver who DOES NOT want the new series (why wouldn't you???) should make adjustments to their subscription before July 1st.

For those of you who want to get in on the ground floor of this new collection, head over to your back office on and sign up for the Specialty AutoSaver option to begin receiving these coins as soon as the July 1st shipment!


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