May 2024 Vault Report

May 2024 Vault Report

May 1, 2024
7k Vault Report May 2024
7k Vault Report May 2024

Happy Mother’s Day, 7k!

“Mum is the most beautiful word and being a mom is the most beautiful love! - 7k Member, Sigrun Pieber and KIDS 💛”

Thank you all so much for sharing your beautiful pictures this month. Our hearts are full of love for you all, especially for the amazing Mothers we get to celebrate. The word legacy could not exist without you! For all your years of dedicated, selfless, endless service, you are true heroes. We love Mothers!!!



03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins


07 - RANK UPS: 03/15-04/15

09 - FLG RULES: Founder Lifestyle Getaway

11 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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Numismatic Icons: Arethusa 1 oz Silver

Historic Monuments: Temple of Heaven Beijing 5 oz Silver

An American Life: John F. Kennedy Family Man 1/2 oz Silver

The Journey: Steam Dream 2 oz Silver


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‘Sound Money, Sound Principles: the Believers’ Founder Podcast
7k is growing. That’s an awesome fact. We are thrilled that the message is getting out and helping more people! That was what it was intended to do. There’s just one thing we always need to remember, though. That is to stick to our roots. This company was

Read the article here

Founders Lifestyle Getaway 2024 Rules
Founders Lifestyle Getaway 2024 Rules

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

DAYDREAMER: Adventure 2 oz Silver Coin
Daydreamer Part II takes us away from wandering the future, into the wildness of the past as an Adventurer! Take a slide down the long neck of a sauropod, lift off into the clouds on the wings of an early aircraft, or tussle with prehistoric carnivorous wildlife. It’s all here for you to explore when you take a peek behind the curtain of your imagination.

ISLE OF MAN: One Noble Piedfort 2 oz
First minted in 1983, Noble coins have been a tradition released by the Isle of Man nearly every year since, and collected by avid lovers of the originals who cherish the legal tender. 2022 is the first year that the '83 design has been enhanced by CIT's smartminting® technology, ramping up the collectible in value and in the hearts of modern collectors. A Viking ship sails across the face of this 1 Noble, 2-oz silver coin, rimmed by an intricate knotted border.

BUTTERFLY: 2 oz Silver Coin
Only 500 of these diamond-ladened, Gold-plated Butterflies flew off the press…what a catch! This magnificent coin expresses the uniqueness of the butterfly with colors that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. A diamond insert sits at the tip of each wing and the antennae are flawlessly and artistically gilded. Perched on a field of intricate Silver with an Antique Finish, we’re betting this beauty isn’t one you’ll want to let flutter away any time soon!

FAMOUS EXPLORERS: Marco Polo 2 oz Coin
How does the name of a guy from Venice who lived nearly a thousand years ago end up being turned into a game played in swimming pools by kids in America? Turns out, he wasn’t just an explorer and merchant, he wrote about his Silk Road adventures, too! Marco Polo sits atop a camel on this fine Silver 2 oz addition to the Famous Explorers collection toting along his book, ‘The Travels’. With an Antique Finish quality gleaming over its cover, his epics live on on this coin…and every time someone yells ‘Marco!' (…Polo!)


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