January 2024 Vault Report

January 2024 Vault Report

Jan 1, 2024
2024 January 7k Vault Report
2024 January Vault Report

The Big Dream 1 oz

2023 Fly High

The thunderous roar of an airplane inspires the imagination of little kids: I wanna fly! But all we can do is build them out of paper and dream of the day we might find ourselves in the cockpit. Experience and drive determine whether our dreams will be fulfilled. And this coin reminds us, down to its mintage of 852, the distance in feet traveled during the longest flight on the Wright Brothers’ first day of practice—if you have a dream, all you need is some grit and a plan to get there.


"It's not 'New Year New You', it's New Year Better You!"

You know that saying that’s surfaced recently…’New Year, New You’? Well, we’d like to amend it a bit. Because yeah, over the past twelve months, we’d be shocked if you hadn’t changed at all. Every year in our lives brings new challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. Unless you’re living with your head in the sand, you’ve got to meet them all and make decisions that impact your life and its trajectory and shape the person you are. As we approach 2024, your goal shouldn’t be to upend that progress—good and bad—by trying to be a completely new you. It should be to take the knowledge you’ve gained over the past year and apply it during the new one so that you’re continually building yourself up and becoming better. Your mistakes from 2023 gave you perspective. Without them, you wouldn’t have learned. Now, you can decide not to make them again and move forward with confidence that you’ll do better the next time around. It’s not New Year, new you…it’s New Year, better you.


03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins

05 - AN AMERICAN LIFE: A Collection Highlight

07 - RANK UPS: 11/15-12/15

09 - TIME TO HARVEST: A Message from 7k Co-Founder, Josh Anderson

11 - LET'S GET HYPED: Are you ready for 7kX 2024?

13 - GOLD RUSH: Road to Vegas

15 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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Mountains: Half Dome 2 oz Silver

Spinning Coin : 1 oz Silver

Nazca Lines: Monkey 1 oz Silver

Archeology & Symbolism: Tutankhamun's Tomb Antiqued 3 oz Silver

Sparta: 1 oz Silver


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An American Life

A Collection Highlight

If you’ve spent any time browsing the inventory of gold and silver companies that aren’t 7k (Traitor! Jk, jk, we support you doing your homework on the industry.) you know we have one of the most extensive selections of collectible coins out there. With the exception of companies who have been in business for two or three times longer than us, we take the W when it comes to collectibles, no cap. It’s no accident, either, because we truly believe in the power of collectible coins in helping people create lasting legacies. Today, we’ll highlight one of those “legacy” collections that you can only find through 7k.

An American Life

There are so many cool things about this coin series it’s hard to grasp them all until they're laid out before you. To date, there are four chapters memorializing the lives of American heroes and presidents, and the first coin for the fifth chapter. Per chapter, there are nine fine Silver coins: six 0.5 oz, one 1 oz, one 2 oz, and one 5 oz. Special colorization is applied to each coin alongside features like High and Ultra High Reliefs, Proofs, Black Proofs, etc.

Expert numismatist Miles Standish designed the series, and his engraved initials are on each of the 1, 2, and 5 oz issues. Each coin has a very low mintage, often significant to a piece of the story it tells. Extensive storytelling accompanies each issue in visual and written formats. A portion of the proceeds from each coin is donated by 7k to the Standish Foundation for Children.

Chapter Subjects

First, we took a deep dive into the life of American jack-of-all-trades and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. We discovered that his role in securing our country's liberty wasn’t his only prominent achievement. He was a successful writer, publisher, scientist, inventor, and diplomat AND he established America’s first firefighting campaign.

Next, we explored the life of America's OG sweetheart, First President, and Revolutionary Army General George Washington. We watched him grow from Young George to Colonel to General to Founding Father and President, and finally, followed his long-belated retirement to his beloved Mount Vernon.

Abraham Lincoln came next, a mild, lanky Railsplitter and Wrestler in youth who grew to be a true giant in American history with his careful leadership through the Civil War and signature that ratified the Emancipation Proclamation.

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt recently joined the collection's ranks, the cowboy and Rough Rider turned war hero, President, and people’s champion. His passionate defense of wildlife and natural resources led to the establishment of more National Parks than any other President and even earned him his namesake, the Teddy Bear!

This brings us to our current subject, whom only one coin has been released to commemorate so far…John F. Kennedy. We’ve learned of his actions to save the lives of eleven of his crew as a World War II hero and will uncover his legacy of peace and unity through a troubling world climate as the rest of the chapter unfolds.

A Living Legacy

But there’s something especially unique about our latest An American Series chapter and the timing of its release. Not only did the first coin drop on the 60th anniversary of JFK’s tragic assassination, but it coincided with an announcement from one of his living relatives to follow in his footsteps and pursue the presidential office. In 2023, Robert F. Kennedy, JFK’s nephew, began a campaign to run for President.

Now, we don’t know your stance politically, nor are we taking one as a company, but we could not pass up an opportunity to make sure our coins have a long-lasting impact. On November 30th in Salt Lake City, we were able to gift Kennedy with a complete collection of his uncle’s chapter in the An American Life series. We heard a retelling of John’s heroic actions during WWII through an account given by his living relative and passed on a gift that will hopefully become a constant in the Kennedy legacy. More than that, it increases the chances that each coin you receive in the JFK chapter will have longer-lasting significance and power in the future—reinforcing the legacy you’re creating for yourself and your family.

As 7k’s An American Life coin series draws to an uncertain close due to the loss of our dear friend and its designer, Miles Standish, we want to express our gratitude to each of our customers who participated in the collection of this series. Through it, your charitable contributions to the Standish Foundation are touching the lives of children and their families worldwide. Your own legacies have been bolstered by coins that reflect love and support for our country and its great heroes. The stories they tell will be shared and remembered long into the future. Thank you, 7k, for keeping An American Life alive and supporting our dreams and goals. We love you!

Time To Harvest
A Message from 7k Co-Founder, Josh Anderson In the western United States, the end of summer and early fall is a special time of year. Everything shifts from the green growing season to the golden time of harvest. The air is different, the moon looks different, the temperature is different;

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7kX Las Vegas 2024
The Prep Has Begun It’s the beginning of a new year, and we know that that means different things to each of us. Some of you might be focusing inward on your health or relationships, some might have big dreams and goals for your businesses, and some might just

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7k Select

Collectibles We Love

SOLAR SYSTEM: Mars 17g Silver Coin
Out of all of the planets in our Solar System, besides Earth, Mars is the one we’ve studied the closest and has the most in common with our home. It’s been observed that once, billions of years ago, Mars was covered in water and possibly even life. Today, it still has the best potential for hosting new life. The Red Planet on this Silver coin won’t oxidize or rust, and its brilliant scarlet hue is complemented by selective Gold gilding across its surrounding stars.

ETERNAL SCULPTURES II: Disillusion 3 oz Silver Coin
Another stunning addition to the Eternal Sculptures II collection is this gorgeous silver piece showing the work of sculptor Francesco Queirolo, entitled ‘Disillusion’, or ‘The Release From Deception.’ In Francesco’s work, replicated on this coin, you’ll see an angel working to free a mortal man from a fishing net he’s entangled in. Rope or deception? This 3 oz coin exquisitely symbolizes heavenly aid.

UNIVERSE DOMED: Milky Way 2 oz Silver Coin
A real piece of meteorite sits at the center of this concave, Domed Milky Way coin, caught up in a whirl of brilliant galaxy-defying colors! It’s kind of like us, just one piece of something bigger, but no less important as an individual. And as lucky as we are to exist within this universe, we’d venture to say you’d be even luckier for holding a coin that reminds you of its entire majesty…you included.

COLOREYEZED: Hazel 1 oz Silver Coin
The alluring ring of fire you see here is an eye color that belongs to only 5 percent of the population: Hazel! When it comes to hazel eyes, the pigmentation has less to do with the colors as it does the dispersal of light and melanin. Hazel eyes often have hints of brown, green, blue, and even yellow, which means they come in all manner of patterns and can change depending on what colors are around them. Kind of like chameleons!


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