Time To Harvest

Time To Harvest

josh anderson Jan 1, 2024

A Message from 7k Co-Founder, Josh Anderson

In the western United States, the end of summer and early fall is a special time of year. Everything shifts from the green growing season to the golden time of harvest. The air is different, the moon looks different, the temperature is different; nothing feels the same. Even we, as people, begin to change as we approach harvest season. Everything accelerates as we race to accomplish the task of harvesting our crops before winter begins. It is a magical time for us, as we get to see for the first time if all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears have been worth the effort. I absolutely love this harvest time each year!

For 7k, right now, we are beginning our own harvest season. We have been planting, watering, fertilizing, and protecting our field for the past 8 years. 2024 will be the start of the harvest season for those who are willing to accelerate their efforts with us and see what the field has produced. Our marketing team has built amazing tools, our customer support team has refined their processes, and our shipping department has finished a massive expansion. The Sales team and corporate executives have adjusted their personal schedules to meet your needs. We have prepared every needful thing to ensure we have the best harvest in our company’s history. With the start of the new year, 7k will be reaping in the harvest of helping tens of thousands of families around the world better protect their futures through tangible assets and opportunities to make additional income.

The world has never been more ripe for our messages. When Roger, Richard, Zach, and I got together in 2016 and created 7k, this was the time we looked forward to. We knew there would be a time in the future when every household would need our Gold and Silver products. A time when every household that has eyes to see and ears to hear would understand the power of our share plan and need it to help them find a solution to their individual problems. We felt a great responsibility to sprint through the planting, watering, and fertilizing of our company so we would be ready when it was time to harvest. We have done that. Now, we stand ready at this perfect time to share our message like never before with those who need it more than ever.

I invite you to link arms with us this year and share the vision and message of 7k with everyone. They will listen like they have never listened before. I know that every one of you who doubles your efforts with us in 2024 will look back in the future and say, “The harvest of 2024 with 7k made all the difference for me”. Every harvest I have been a part of has always been done at the pace of a sprint, and this will be no different! If you want to sprint with us, I would say this: make your goals, create a plan to achieve them, let nothing get in your way of success, and be part of the solution that so many people need today.

I look forward to taking a short break in the harvest in April and celebrating what we have accomplished with you at the 2024 7kX convention in Las Vegas! We have been preparing for this moment for 8 years. We have been building everything up so we would be ready for this great harvest of people who need us. I hope to see you in the field with us and not watching from a nearby town.

We Believe in You!

Josh Anderson


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