7kX Las Vegas 2024

7kX Las Vegas 2024

7kx Jan 1, 2024

The Prep Has Begun

It’s the beginning of a new year, and we know that that means different things to each of us. Some of you might be focusing inward on your health or relationships, some might have big dreams and goals for your businesses, and some might just be wondering how in the heck it’s already January again. For us here at 7k headquarters, one thing always starts a minute after midnight on January 1st…preparation for 7kX!

It’s the biggest, most extra, most highly-anticipated event of the year. 7kX is a gathering of the entire 7k Fam all together in one amazing venue in an exciting city for a week-long convention chock-full of motivation, education, and celebration. 2024 will be our biggest one yet. You and your teams are going to have the time of your lives. We’re going to need a commitment from all of you because everybody has to be in attendance if we’re going to make this event the best it’s ever been.

7kX Details

Where: Las Vegas, NV @ the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

When: Monday, April 29th – Thursday, May 2nd

Tickets: You can choose between two 7kX tickets, Basic or All-In. The difference between them is the final evening’s Gala dinner. This red-carpet event is your chance to show up in your best suit or dress, pose for our paparazzi, and partake in a three-course meal. Afterward, you’ll already be looking fly and photo-worthy when you attend Recognition, the part of convention when we pull you up on stage to celebrate your 7k business wins from the past year with the entire company.

Buy your tickets before Monday, Jan. 8th to receive an ‘Early Bird discount’:

Basic price: USD 279.99
All-In price: USD 409.99
After that, tickets will be full price:
Basic price: USD 309.99
All-In price: USD 439.99

Note: If you already have a Basic ticket but just realized that the Gala is where it’s at, email support@7kmetals.com with your request to upgrade. They’ll set you up with a Gala ticket for $140 per person (kids also need a Gala ticket to attend).

Registration: Registration is the process to check in for the event. Here, you’ll receive your event pass and nametag, an agenda, a map, and some other goodies to prep you for the week. It will be the first thing you’ll do when you arrive after checking into your hotel on Monday, April 29th, and will be available until mid-morning Tuesday, April 30th.

Merch: We go HARD prepping exclusive merch for 7kX events, not to mention the rare coin drops you’ll encounter during the meetings. If you want to walk away with 7kX wins, we recommend putting aside funds in your 7k Cash account. All-in-all, if you’re dead set on grabbing everything we’ve got, you’ll want about $2,000 (USD) in there.

Recognition: If you plan on attending Recognition, you’ll need to assign your tickets to the person they belong to, both yours and your guest’s. You can do that by assigning a name (the one you’d like to be recognized by) to each ticket in your Back Office.

Child Rates:
12 & Under: Free (not including meals)
13 & Over: Adult pricing applies
Note to our 7k parents: We have no doubts that your kids are going to be little entrepreneurs someday with parents like you. That said, it might be best to bring home the info we’re teaching at convention instead of bringing them to it, just because sitting through the delivery of said info can be rough on littles. We of course don’t discourage them from coming though!

Food Allergies: If you or your guest have food allergies or special requirements, email marketing@7kmetals.com with the info before Saturday, April 6th. We really don’t want to accidentally poison anybody, so we’re very diligent about allowing for food options that apply to everyone. Help us keep you healthy and safe!

Handicap Aids: There will be handicap-accessible lines into event sessions for anyone with a wheelchair, scooter, or walker.

PSA: We don’t allow seat-saving at this event, even during break-out sessions. You sit by who you sit and you don’t throw a fit. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to make a new friend. We’re all family at 7k, you just haven’t met some of us yet.

Can we mark you down as a yes at 7kX this year?! If you’ve attended at least once, you know firsthand how important this event is to us and why we spend the better part of the year planning for it. It’s the one event where we really focus on getting every person in our company to attend because we know that it’s not as impactful as it could be when we’re missing even a handful of our 7k Fam. You all are what makes our community the hopeful, loving, supportive group it is and that’s an important part of why we exist. As our manifesto says…“To bring hope to the helpless.” So come to Vegas and enjoy the 7k Xperience!

How to get your tickets: Login to your account at 7kmetals.com. Find the 7kX Event image on the top right of your dashboard and click 'View Event'. On the next page you'll find all the info you need and buttons you can click to buy your tickets! Let's GOOOOOOOOO!


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