January 2021 Vault Report

January 2021 Vault Report

7k Jan 1, 2021
7k Metals January 2021 Vault Report
Front Cover
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In This Issue

  • Year in Review
  • Salt Lake City Event
  • Testimonial
  • Coin Highlights
  • Latest 100oz Bar Winners
  • Rankups
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2020 Year in Review

  • Successful launch of Miles Standish Liberty Coin
  • Another record-breaking year and mind-blowing new things added to the 7k program
  • Successful launch in select international countries
  • Successful Miami Regional and 7k Getaway Cruise
  • COVID friendly Spring All-Virtual Regional Event
  • Soundmoney Wallet successfully launched
  • Record number of new members
  • Millions of dollars of commissions in your hands
  • Successfully launched 7k Advantage Rewards Program
  • Millions of dollars worlth of new collectible coins in your collections
  • Navigated COVID related coin shortages
  • Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver bullion sitting in your safes
  • Record number of rank advancements
  • Thousands of dollars donated to the Standish Foundation for Children
  • Second Miles Standish White House coin launch
  • Internal growth goals SMASHED for 7k as a whole!
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7k Regional 2021

SALT LAKE CITY May 14-15, 2021

Grab your tickets on the events page in your back office!
Expand your vision, empower your goals!

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7k Testimonal

I am brand new to the precious metals industry, and I feel extremely blessed that 7k is showing me the way. I have found incredible value in the buyer's certification program as I figure out exactly what to buy and why. I have always had an interest in gold and silver, but just like we teach, I didn't know who to trust, where to go, or what to get. I am gaining more and more confidence in building my stack, and I especially like the idea of the AutoSaver. Getting beautiful and valuable coins sent to my house without have to remember every month makes perfect sense to me. I am just getting started in my gold and silver journey, but VERY happy to be here can't wait for 2021!
Miles Segers
Gold Associate
Philadelphia, PA

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Some Coins You May Have Missed!

Check out these world-class coins that members added to their collections recently! Congratulations if you were able to get one!

  • 2020 Mr. Bean 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • 2018 Girdled Lizard - Shades of Nature
  • 2018 Eagle Owl - Night Animals
  • 2019 Kilimanjaro - The 7 Summits
  • 7k U.S. State Animal Series Texas Longhorn
  • 7k U.S. State Animal Series Montana Mourning Cloak Butterfly
  • 2018 Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem
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Congrats to our Most Recent 100oz Bar Winners!

  • Miles Segers
  • Work of Art
  • Brandon Lott
  • Ardy Reed
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Coach Kyle Soccer and Fitness LLC
  • Mark Matherne
  • Team Fubu
  • Ronnie Shar
  • Jude Crane
  • Kar 7 Legacy - Rene & Kathy Hidalgo
  • Karla Stelly
  • Kenneth Weber
  • Rick Thomas
  • Emanual Hernandez
  • Yaleita Watson
  • Hevol Benson
  • Deborah Wiggins
  • Heritage Universal
  • Eunice Herring
  • Chris Morris
  • Kenesha Fudge
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soundmoney wallet

Did you say "no fees"?
Yep! That's what we said. soundmoney wallet was already revolutionary, but now it can't be stopped.
Cashing out of your wallet to your bank will cost you a flat $5, but keep it in your SMW and... finally the freedom you deserve, from anywhere in the world.


Now, the power REALLY IS in back in your hands with the ability to move freely without penalty inside of your personal SMW.


Cash to gold, gold to cash. Cash to silver, silver to cash. Member to member transfers in all three assets and more.

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Onboarding Training

New to the company?! Learning the most effective things to do first when becoming a member of 7k is now simple! Just go to your dashboard, click on the "Go To Training" button and find "Onboarding Training" inside the training center. Go check it out!

Facebook Group

7k would like to extend the invitation to you to join our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. We have created this exclusive group with the intent of improving communication, showing our shared visions for the future and to celebrate your successes!

Step 1: In the Facebook search bar, type "7k Exclusive".
Step 2: Click on the "GROUPS" section right under the search bar. Then, look for the "7k Exclusive" group, and click JOIN.
Step 3: After clicking on "join", a window will appear. Answer the questions.
Step 4: Click on the "SUBMIT" button and wait up to 48 hours for your approval!
OR open your camera on any smartphone and scan the QR code in the image above to take you straight to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer Care at: 208.314.2587 or by email at support@7kmetals.com.

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Next Month's Vault Report

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