Anyone Will Show Up Just To Watch You Burn

Anyone Will Show Up Just To Watch You Burn

zach davis Sep 21, 2021

Transcription of above video:

"Hey tribe, what’s going on this morning?

Hey, on my morning run this morning I had some thoughts I wanted to share with you before I forget them. So I want you looking in history, every great president, every great leader--even our president today, whether you like him or you don’t, it doesn’t matter your political persuasion--the fact of the matter is, who do they surround themselves with? So, all these people in history who have built big businesses, all these people in history who have led great armies, all the captains, generals, presidents, kings, queens, they've all surrounded themselves with like-minded people.

So I want to talk to you just for a second about the power of a mastermind. So as you guys are building your business, look, it’s really lonely at the top, because there are a lot of people who, you know, they don’t want you to succeed. So, you’re out there telling people about your business, you’re out there trying to, ya know, show them how this business can do things for them, how it can help build a better future and build a better life. And a lot of people just wanna shoot it down, right? The only reason they show up is because anybody will show up to a bonfire just to watch it burn, so they want to see if you can be successful or not.

So one thing that you have to do is you have to protect your dreams for one, okay, hold them close to you. Don’t share them with people you don’t think are going to respect them, because all they’re gonna wanna do is tear them down. And the reason they wanna tear them down is simply because they have dreams of their own, and they let go of them, and they don’t think they can achieve them anymore. So by tearing you down and making sure that you don’t achieve your dreams, your goals, what it does is it justifies to them--in their own mind--their position. Right? So now they don’t have to feel bad about themselves, because they’re not going for it. But if you go for it, all of a sudden, that wakes something up inside of them, and they’re like, “Maybe I should be going for it,” and they don’t want that guilty feeling because they’re not gonna do anything about it.

So the mastermind principle is basically this: that the thought in the mind of one man is powerful, but it’s not nearly as powerful as the thoughts in the minds of others. So a collective group coming together that has their own individual thoughts, what it does is it creates one collective mind. So all that thought process combined basically fuels your dream and your vision even further.

Now look, they don’t have to be in your company, okay? They don’t have to be in your business. So I’m not saying it has to be people that you’ve recruited. Maybe you’ve recruited some people you just don’t wanna hang around, and they’re in your business. That’s not what I’m talking about. What you need to do is--if they are in your business, that’s awesome, that’s even better--but this idea of everyone wants to be part of something that’s greater than themselves, that also applies here.

Look, we were born into families, okay, into a tribe. If you study the bible, in Genesis, it talks about when God created Man. He placed Adam in the Garden of Eden--what was the very next thing He did? He created Woman from his rib. Why did He do that? He said, “Adam, it’s not good that Man should be alone,” so He created a help-meet. Someone to walk side-by-side, right? He created a King and then said, “Now I’ve got to create a Queen.” So Man’s not designed to be alone.

So in your endeavours to build your business, don’t do it alone. Tap into the power of a mastermind. So invite like-minded individuals, whether they’re restaurant owners, whether they own manufacturing businesses, doctors, dentists, lawyers. If they’re in your business right now in 7k Metals it doesn’t matter, but surround yourself with a group. And I would suggest meeting once a month and read a book, right? Listen to some audio cassette, some audio tape, but what you do is, you come together and you talk to each other about leadership principles. How you can become better, how your business can grow, and then you help connect each other with things that you all might need. You might know somebody who their business needs. Maybe they need someone to build a website, and you just happen to know a person that knows how to build websites. Or maybe they know somebody who wants gold and silver, and you’re that person. And so basically, the idea of the mastermind group is to bring the collective body together, and to pool all of your thoughts and resources and have the idea that a rising tide will raise all boats, so everybody will be elevated. It’s also a great way to network, and help people know what you’re doing.

Now look, this is not a recruiting session okay? So the idea is not to bring people into the group and recruit them. The idea is to bring people into the group, and maybe they know somebody that you might be able to help out, okay? And if it’s just people in your team, that’s awesome too. So what you do is you get together, you talk about how you’re gonna change the lives of people, you spread your vision, your mission, and you talk about the ideas you have, and how you’re gonna move that forward.

Mastermind Book Club
Mastermind Book Club

Again, you should be reading a good book, okay? Pick a book that all of you are reading together, and when you come together, whether it’s on a phone call or whether you get together in person, but then you talk about the principles of the book--not just the details of the book, okay? You’re not basically regurgitating the book, what you’re doing is saying, “You know what? When I read this chapter, here was a thought I had, and here’s how I think it applies to my business, and how I could do something different to change. What do you guys think?” And then somebody else is gonna go, ”Hey yeah, you know what? I read this part and maybe this would help you too. But I also read this part, here’s what helped me,” and then from their thought, you go, “You know what? That’s a great idea, I didn’t think about that, maybe that could help me too.”

So use the principle of a mastermind, guys, because if it’s in your team, gather your leaders around you, okay, and support each other and you watch what happens to your business. You watch what happens to you personally. We say this all the time: your business can never get bigger than you are. How do you get bigger? You have to have other people, and other thoughts and ideas come into your mind to help cultivate that. And then you ponder on it, you think on it, how you could change, and you go and you implement, and you execute.

Look if you don’t get it right, you do it wrong, that’s even better. You learn more by failing than you do by getting it right, I promise, okay? When you lose money in life, that’s when you get the biggest lessons, we just celebrate when we win right? So get the mastermind principle figured out, go google it, get a book if you want more information on it, but get your leaders around you, apply this principle, and see what happens to your business.

See you on the next video guys."


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