7k Metals Explained

7k Metals Explained

7k Feb 24, 2021
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The fact that you're here on this website means chances are you’re curious about gold and silver and have a few questions, like:

  • Why should I buy precious metals?
  • What metals should I be buying?
  • Who can I trust to buy them from?
  • How do I know I’m getting a good deal?
  • And how can I afford more?

Well, you’re not alone. Most people have these questions. And we’re here to provide the answers.

Most people would say, they had a feeling it was important and a good idea to own precious metals but really didn’t understand why so they didn’t do anything. This lack of understanding has cost people a lot of money. Quite honestly, we don’t want you to make the same mistake.

We’ve watched far too many people in life struggle as the economy fluctuates, employment issues arise or unexpected changes come up in life. Owning gold and silver can help shield you against all of these challenges. And with 7k you’ll see that regardless of your financial circumstances, or how much or how little you have to spend, buying gold and silver is easy and accessible. And not only that, it’s the smart thing to do.

Here at 7k, we use the power of gold and silver to provide a way for people like you to create financial independence, preserve wealth, and live an exceptional life. Through our exclusive membership, we give you access to the power of precious metals, whether it’s in bullion, popular graded coins, jewelry, or collectible low-mintage coins at great prices. And some you will only find here.

How? Because we have eliminated the middlemen and made relationships with major suppliers across the world to offer you the best of the best, allowing you to start buying with confidence, ultimately saving you money and making buying precious metals more affordable.

Now, as we learned more about gold and silver we realized there was more than just one reason for owning precious metals. But of everything we learned, there was one thing that really stood out and quite honestly, it disturbed us the most. And this was learning who actually owns most of it.

Did you know the single biggest collectors and owners of precious metals are actually the world’s largest governments and banks?

Interesting, don’t you think?

So we dug a little deeper to fully understand why, and as a result, have created a Buyer’s Certification Program that covers the 5 reasons to buy gold and silver, in depth and helps you identify what type of buyer you are and which metals are best for you. This program is free with your membership. So you’ll have all this knowledge right at your fingertips.

In fact, if you stick around until the end of this post, we’ll show you how you can essentially get your membership for free, as well. So for now, let us get some information in your hands so you can make an educated decision to buy gold and silver today.

The first thing we want to talk about is Purchasing Power. So, purchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goods and services that one unit of money can buy. All else being equal, an increased money supply decreases the amount of goods and services you would be able to purchase. Let’s take a look at this chart that shows the purchasing power of the US dollar from 1913 to 2013.

purchasing power of US dollar 1913-2013

In 1913, the U.S. dollar was worth… well, a dollar. But in 2013 the one dollar bill was only worth $0.05 in purchasing power. Now, we’ve seen the dollar and all world currencies lose value over time. Some of this is due to inflation, but most of this is because of a change that occurred in 1971. In 1971, the US President ended the Bretton Woods agreement which cut all ties to currencies being backed by gold. So all at once, all world currencies became a fiat currency, meaning they are simply backed by what the government says they’re worth.

So let’s take this real-life scenario for example. Let’s just say you wanted to purchase a brand new Mustang. Well in 1965 it would have cost you $2500. Or 2500 silver coins. Today, that same $2500 won’t get you the car, but the same 2500 ounces of silver coins could actually buy you TWO cars.

dollar depreciation example

So here we are, thinking our paper money has value, but does it really?

As you can see, throughout history gold and silver have maintained their purchasing power, unlike other currencies which lose value. So what’s relative here is the purchasing power of the dollar, which is based on how much is printed. The more money we print, the less it’s worth! See, it’s the RARITY of something that creates its value. Or the FINITENESS. That’s why gold and silver are so valuable. You can’t make more of it.

It’s one thing to be able to make money, but it’s another thing to keep it.

Did you know that there are tax benefits to owning gold and silver?

Certain types of metals are “reportable” and other types are “non-reportable”. Now, if your goal is to accumulate wealth, do you think it would be important to buy the right kind of gold and silver? Absolutely. And 7k, we help you determine what that is so you don’t make mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, let us tell you about a $1.2M mistake that most all of us have made.

It begins with the MS70 Silver Eagle. MS stands for Mint State. It’s part of the grading system and the MS means the coin is in its perfect condition. If you had purchased one of these coins every month since 1986, you would be sitting on a $1.2 million dollar portfolio. AND it would have cost you less than $50,000, but would be worth more than $1.2 million dollars today.

Check this out: if you had a 2012 MS70 silver eagle, it would be worth about $150. But if you had one from 1996, it would be worth $6,000. Now, check this out: if you had one from 1999, it would be worth $19,000. Don’t you wish someone would have told you this earlier?

Us too.

Well, here you are now. So while, yes, these coins from the past are valuable, something to consider is that you never know when you’ll pick the right year. So who knows what coins you buy today will be worth 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.

There are many reasons why collecting these coins is a smart thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The good news is that the only thing that makes it hard is you and me. Why? Because of discipline. Most people today lack a little discipline. You learned about the MS70 silver eagle. You now know about the $1.2M mistake. The question is: are you going to go find one and purchase it today? And then continue to buy one every single month for the years ahead? Chances are you won’t.

But you should!

This is why we created an Auto Saver Program. It’s an optional program in 7k Metals but one of the things we are most loved for. Basically, we send you a collector’s coin every single month. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back and see that you’ve been collecting something that will change your life forever. Something that will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

The fact is, you’re going to spend the money anyway, so you might as well spend it on something that will help you accumulate real wealth. Our Coin-of-the-Month, or Auto Saver Program as we call it not only helps you with the discipline, but also gets you in the coin collecting game. Which is one of the most valuable things we learned as we researched gold and silver. We had no idea how valuable and easy it is to collect the right coins when you know what you’re doing!

So, by participating in our Auto Saver program, you get all of these benefits in 3 options:

  • You can have an MS70 Silver Eagle shipped to your door every month.
  • A variety coin
  • A specialty coin, which is a gold or low-minted silver coin

We’ve already told you about the MS70 Silver Eagle, this is the $1.2 Million mistake coin. This is the one that we wish someone would have told us about years ago.

Now, on the Variety Coin, it’s the rarity and story that gives these coins value. How many are there? What’s the story around them? Not only can there be a lot of money with these collectibles, but they’re actually the most fun to collect for people of all ages. Our Variety Coin of the Month Program gives you access to coins from different mints around the world. We are constantly searching for the newest and most interesting being issued, and guess what? We find them!

We rate them on rarity and potential future value and choose the best ones for our members. We do all the searching, research and evaluation, so you don’t have to.

Now, honestly some people are just in love with gold and high-end, low-mintage silver collectible coins, which is why we have this option as well. The 7k Specialty Auto Saver is also a carefully selected collectible coin that we send to your door every month.

By choosing to become a member of 7k, you’ll get:

  • Access to our Buyer’s Certification Program with NO MONTHLY COMMITMENT.
  • Access to unlimited silver and gold bullion. No Minimums. No Maximums. Period.
  • Access to our exclusive Auto Saver Program (coins sent to your door every month on autopilot)
  • Access to the collectibles that show to be the most rare and hold the greatest promise of potential future value.
  • You also become part of a group of like-minded people that are changing an industry, and ultimately, the world.

As we mentioned earlier, here at 7k we use the power of gold and silver to provide a way for people like you to create financial independence, preserve wealth, and live an exceptional life. While collecting gold and silver certainly contributes to this, we don’t stop there.

If you like our story and want to share it with others, we’ll pay you for that sharing. It’s no different than you sharing your favorite restaurant, a movie you liked, or a new book you just read. No difference, except we actually pay you for sharing it.

The fact is, if you like something, you’re going to share it anyway. We feel you should be rewarded for that. We certainly appreciate it and it’s our way of thanking you. Beyond that, it’s just another way for us to use the power of gold and silver to provide you a way to create financial independence, preserve wealth, and live an exceptional life.

One last thing! Something we noticed as we did our research was that some of the wealthiest people and corporations make up the largest buying group of precious metals. We learned from them that silver and gold is really about a lifestyle. What better contributes to a rich lifestyle than travel? Not to mention it’s something that just about everyone wants to do more of. So we decided to reward you again for being part of 7k Metals.

With your membership purchase we send you a travel savings card worth up to $500. And each time you purchase a qualifying coin, you receive an additional card. You can use these cards on your very own getaway, discounted travel booking site. In fact, on a recent family vacation I saved over $800 using my travel savings cards. No strings attached. It’s practically like getting a membership for free. AND free silver every month.

Here’s what you should do now: go to 7kmetals.com and click the button that says Get Started. Or get back to the person that first mentioned 7k to you and they can help you get started.

If you’re even the least bit curious about how we pay you for sharing, you owe it to yourself to find out. We’re genuinely excited about the journey you’re about to embark upon. You are literally one click away from accumulating wealth and enhancing your lifestyle like thousands of our other members are doing every single day.


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