Your Business vs Your Body

Your Business vs Your Body

zach davis Oct 13, 2021

Video Transcription

"Hey, did you know you’re a miracle?

Yeah, you. You’re a miracle. I mean, think about it, just the fact that you’re alive is absolutely, unbelievably amazing. Think about the body, okay. It's an incredible, incredible machine. But the body’s full of systems, so you hear about the lymphatic system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, the vascular system. So, the body has all of these systems that have to function consistently and properly in order for you to function as a whole.

Alright, so I want you to think about your business now for a second. Sorta like your body, it's a system. So we have a whole bunch of systems here at 7k Metals, but what happens when the lymphatic system shuts down? Okay, disease can plague the body. What happens when the nervous system shuts down? All of a sudden, parts of the body doesn’t work: the legs can't move, the arms can’t move, the mouth can’t move. What happens when the vascular system shuts down? All of a sudden, the rest of the body doesn’t get the vital supply of blood it needs to perform its function. So all of these systems put together is what creates you as a miracle, right?

business systems analogy

"So, your business is a miracle. But it has to be run on systems. So I want you to think about the systems we have at 7k Metals. We have the conference calls, okay, we have the plan that we run: pique their interest, show the plan, three-way call. All of these are business systems. So if you follow the systems perfectly, then you can build a business. But when we deviate from the system, and we think we understand, and we can do it better, and we know how to do it better, what happens is part of our business falls apart, and it doesn’t function properly, and it starts to atrophy, and we start wondering why. But if we really start to look at the fundamental basics of the business, we can look at it and go, “Hey, what we did? We got away from the system. We got away from what actually makes all of this work.”

So I want you to think about, as you’re running your business and as you’re duplicating, what are the systems that you have in place so that you’re not doing it all? Okay? Are you doing team conference calls? Are you getting your people on the webinars on Wednesday night so we can help you train? Are you getting people on the calls that we’re doing for the opportunity calls? Are you getting your people to come to the meetings? Are they doing their hundred name list? Are they going through the associate training? Are they looking at the buyer certification training? Okay? Are they keeping it simple? Are they talking too much? Are they pointing to a tool?

So all of these things are a part of this system. When you run this system perfectly, all of a sudden, what you find out is, you have this business that just lives on its own. But when you start pulling away from the system, you get necrosis. All of a sudden you start to atrophy, your business starts to fall apart, you get this wild thing going on in your business, you can’t figure it out. Alright, so stick to the system, run the system. Keep it simple, you’ll have success in your business.

See you guys."


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