The Value of a 7k Membership

The Value of a 7k Membership

7k May 9, 2024

Be honest: if you took a peek at your credit card or bank statement RIGHT NOW, how many subscriptions would you find? Between the big ones like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Costco, all the way down to the slightly niche-r guys like Dollar Shave Club, Ipsy Glam Bag, and Hello Fresh, count ‘em up! (You might even find one that’s been flying under the radar for a while. Here’s your friendly reminder to cancel it.)

In 2024, subscriptions are a way of life. They appeal to our basic instincts: time freedom, convenience, novelty, luxury, etc. And it’s not just customers who walk away happy when they get on a new subscription. Membership or subscription models afford businesses unique advantages too, such as customer loyalty and reliable recurring revenue.

There’s just one important reason 7k decided on a subscription model: to help us be the best at what we do.

And what do we do? 1) We put Gold and Silver into the homes and hands of people who need them, and 2) we empower families with the opportunity to make extra cash.

A 7k membership is a little different than others because it doesn’t just include a monthly box of products or open access to our selection. Think of it as a toolbox. Every tool it holds has a specific, thoughtful purpose and can be used to help you build something: a legacy, savings, better quality of life. Precious metals are valuable whether we hold them or you do. But everything else in our membership is there to help you use Gold and Silver in the best possible way to serve your purpose for collecting them.

Access Options

To that end, we’re very passionate about making 7k a viable option for people on any budget, so we offer multiple tiers of membership options.

Basic Access - Especially on a trial basis, Basic access allows people to get a feel for 7k before fully committing. For a cost of USD 149, customers get:

  • A free piece of non-collectible Silver
  • Access to all products, collectible and bullion, including gold-backed IRA-approved metals
  • Access to our Training Center, where education like the Buyer’s Certification and Collector’s Certifications can be found
  • The ability to participate in supplemental income opportunities (according to the 7k Share Plan) through a personalized e-commerce website and referral commission checks.
  • Participation in the AutoSaver, which when subscribed to, will also unlock:
    • 7k Advantage rewards
    • Loyalty points program
    • 7k Protection
    • A Stack & Sell account capable of digitally storing up to 10 collectible coins
    • A soundmoney® account capable of storing USD 1,000 in metals for free in VaultMax
    • Involvement in rare coin drops
    • A suggestion for a gold-backed IRA custodial company we trust

VIP Access – For a USD 269 annual charge, you get everything that comes along with Basic access and then some for a year. Participation in the AutoSaver program still unlocks:

  • 7k Advantage rewards
  • Loyalty points program
  • However, you don’t have to be subscribed to the AutoSaver to also receive the other great benefits, such as…
  • 7k Protection
  • Coin drop access
  • A suggestion for a gold-backed IRA custodial company we trust
…along with the best part…
  • An unlimited Stack & Sell account
  • A soundmoney® account capable of storing USD 50,000 in metal holdings for free in VaultMax

Legacy VIP Access – For a one-time-only payment of USD 599, you get everything involved in Basic and VIP access, with no need to re-up. It also includes:

  • A free piece of collectible Silver (instead of the non-collectible Silver you get with the Basic and VIP options)
  • Eligibility for a soundmoney® affiliate metal bonus program, in which you can earn free metals when your referred soundmoney® customers use their accounts to purchase Gold and Silver!

By offering several subscription options, we’re able to cover more ground toward helping customers buy precious metals, no matter their financial situation.

Benefits Explained

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what each benefit of a 7k membership is, does, and how it serves both our customers and our company mission.

To help people become Gold and Silver owners, we offer:

Access to Non-Collectible and Collectible Coins:

What is it? Through strong relationships with prominent distributors of Gold and Silver, we offer our people the best-quality non-collectible coins and bars on the market, even sometimes at incredible discounts that allow us to pass savings on to our people. We also lock down fair pricing instead of subjecting members to a fight against the erratic spot price for each metal. And when it comes to our collectible game no one does it better. On top of scouring the world for gorgeous coins with great value, we design and produce our own that outpace others in beauty, technology, and rarity. So when you’re shopping 7k stocks, some coins you see do not exist anywhere else—you can literally get your hands on history!

What’s its purpose? 7k works hard to offer both non-collectible and collectible Gold and Silver that give our members the most bang for their buck and the opportunity to build unique coin collections.

Educational tools:

What is it? Yes, most Gold and Silver companies educate customers in one way or another. Our education is made for a mostly ignored niche: the layman. We recognize that most of us were raised on the idea that holding down a job is the only way to make a living and that the money we earn belongs in a bank account. But we believe that there’s another way. The information in our Training Center revolves around candid discussions about Gold and Silver’s history, their power, and strategies for collecting them.

What’s its purpose? It’s important to us that anyone who buys Gold and Silver from 7k knows what they’re doing and feels empowered to do it. While we’re very upfront that our educational tools are no replacement for the input of your financial advisor, our goal is to provide supportive information that can further help the average family shrug off intimidation about collecting and owning precious metals.


What is it? A soundmoney® account is what you get when you cross the technological wonders of the 21st century with the power of precious metals. Customers can become owners of physical metals by converting any dollar amount ($20, $5, or just $1 will do) of cash or even credit into fractional Gold and Silver. Liquidation is as simple as initiating a quick sell-back transaction! Purchased metals are always backed by the real thing, stored in a secure vault at a partner facility called VaultMax, and are available for shipment at any time.

What’s its purpose? The soundmoney® platform serves all customers with a desire to own precious metals but was built especially for those with a budget in mind. It also fills the need for liquidity, which, up until now, has been a sore spot for a lot of Gold and Silver collectors.

Stack & Sell:

What is it? The ins and outs of numismatics can be a little confusing unless you’ve played in the collectible space before. But we believe that coin collecting isn’t just a rewarding hobby. It’s a way to build beautiful, personalized legacies that can be passed down for generations. So we’ve made it as simple as it’s never been. Stack & Sell is the ideal marketplace for graded collectible coins. Customers can buy, sell, trade, and track their stacks with other verified users by simply scanning them into the system.

What’s its purpose? We love introducing our customers to numismatics because we believe that owning Gold and Silver can be a source of not only peace of mind but also joy and community! Stack & Sell introduces an ease to trading and selling collectibles that previously just did not exist, and in doing so, attracts customers who might not have otherwise had the confidence to explore the numismatic world.

The AutoSaver program:

What is it? You know how there’s a function for automatic payments on every important part of your life nowadays? Whether it’s your mortgage, vehicle, credit cards, etc, most of us just set it and forget it. Well, we believe that Gold and Silver asset-collecting fits right in that ‘important’ category, and the AutoSaver is that automatic payment plan—but instead of paying someone else for the privilege of using their stuff, you’re making monthly deposits into your future. Customers just pick a collection, set a date for payment, and then wait for their monthly delivery.

What’s its purpose? In our experience, when it comes to coins, complete sets of collectibles are often some of the most valuable kinds of precious metals a person can own. That’s what the AutoSaver provides for our customers. On top of convenient automation, legacy builders especially enjoy the ease of stacking stunning, high-end collections to enjoy long into their futures.

Loyalty Points:

What is it? Exclusive to those who are on the AutoSaver is a loyalty point program. Points rack up on your purchases and when the time comes to trade them in, that’s free Gold and Silver in your pocket.

What’s its purpose? Customer loyalty is our bread and butter, so we love rewarding them for continually supporting our business. And cashing in their points for more Gold and Silver just supports our mission of spreading the love of precious metals.

Coin drops:

What is it? Coin drops happen when we find a really cool, rare collectible piece. It’s a high-stakes game that starts with a low coin count and ends with only the lucky winners walking away with a score.

What’s its purpose? If you don’t know which collectibles to go for, coin drops are an awesome way to start grabbing enviable Gold and Silver coins with the added bonus of friendly competition. And if you do score, you might just find that the worth of your coin is better because somebody didn’t get it…

Gold-backed IRA-applicable bullion:

What is it? For those saving for retirement who are interested in a precious metals IRA, we offer IRS-approved Gold and Silver bullion along with a trusted recommendation for a custodial company.

What’s its purpose? If you and your financial advisor decide that a gold-backed IRA is right for you, we want to be the ones you trust to get you what you need. Our selection of IRA metals helps us get them out there for people who trust Gold and Silver more than they do fiat currency.

To put extra money into the pockets of families, a subscription to 7k includes:

Supplemental Income and Rewards Opportunities:

What is it? No one is required to share 7k, but if it ever comes up in conversation and someone is interested, we want to reward you for saying our name. If customers find that they like sharing 7k, we provide them with a couple of ways to treat it like a side hustle: either by building a team of sharers or allowing people who want to buy precious metals to use their affiliate e-commerce sites to do it! We’re very open about the hard work that’s required to make cash through our Share Plan, but our structure and the efforts of our Associates consistently help people throughout the world earn $250 or $500 checks each week.

What’s its purpose? Giving individuals and families a way to make an above-average income is one of the founding purposes of 7k, so we provide a ton of information and training on finding success and help connect those who choose to with the community of 7k business builders through events, online calls, and an annual convention!

7k Advantage:

What is it? With an active AutoSaver comes the 7k Advantage app. We know that raging inflation has most of us either struggling to meet the everyday costs of living or feeling like we’ll never get ahead enough to take a breather. 7k Advantage is a site that combats those issues by offering hundreds of thousands of discounts and deals. You’ll find ways to save on everything from groceries and gas to all the components of a great vacation.

What’s its purpose? By partnering with big-name businesses and family-owned establishments alike, we help our customers save in an economy where many really need every penny they can pinch.

7k Protection:

What is it? 7k Protection uses group discount pricing to provide amazing healthcare and other types of insurance options to those who might not be able to afford it otherwise. We even have a plan for the four-legged members of your family: pet protection!

What’s its purpose? The health and peace of mind of you and your family comes before everything else. We help ease the burden of healthcare among our customers by giving them access to great options at an affordable rate so that worry over being able to take care of your loved ones is never a second thought.

A subscription to 7k provides more than a place to buy precious metals. There’s so much more to be gained by putting all of these benefits to work for you…and we really want you to! 7k’s purpose is to help people understand why and how owning Gold and Silver can change their lives and to help them use them to do just that. That’s the real value of a 7k membership. So if you’re not making the most of it yet, we encourage you to start today!


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