Stack & Sell Updates

Stack & Sell Updates

stack & sell Jun 1, 2022

Article featured in the June 2022 Vault Report:

Stack-and-Sell Members, if you attended 7kX in Las Vegas this year then you already know about some of the changes we’ve been making within the platform. For those of you who weren’t able to be there–as always, you were missed!–and here’s what you need to know:

From everyone at Stack-and-Sell, we want to say thank you to all of our users! Thank you for your participation on the platform, thank you for your feedback, thank you for your patience. Your help has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

To everyone who had a Stack-and-Sell membership before May 31st, 2022, to everyone who stuck with us through our startup phase, we gifted the legacy of a lifetime Stack-and-Sell Membership, all features included, plus the cost of storing up to 100 products in the system!

This all-access, unlimited unlimited/unrestricted/unleashed account is available to all 7k Premium Members, or Stack-and-Sell users for a flat rate of $199 per year.

A little known feature of Stack-and-Sell was uncovered on stage! In Vegas, Josh Anderson explained that when you view your stacks individually, the price is an embedded hyperlink. If you click on it, it will show you how many other users own that same coin and the current minimum, median, and maximum market rates.

Similarly, we’ve added a ‘Coin Inspection’ feature, which allows you to access all of the same information, simply by scanning the desired coin with the app!

Invaluable knowledge for traders and collectors has never been made so easily accessible!

Yet a third fantastic feature that’s been finalized has been the organization of incredible 7k coin collections and better access to them! This feature is found on your Stack-and-Sell dashboard, or by logging into your account and selecting ‘Menu’ and ‘My Sets’. Consolidated here is information about the coins you have that are part of collections you might be interested in. New coin collections are constantly being added, so make sure to stay tuned and check this feature regularly! Not only does it show you what you have, it shows you what you don’t have. For those of you who don’t have time to troll pages and pages of precious metals everyday, we’re talking to you now! (Or even those of you who do, you know we love you.) By setting a system watch for the specific coins you want at the budget you’re willing to pay for them, you’ll be notified when something within your parameters comes available. Simply select the coin you want to buy, enter your price range, and set up the alert. Easy, fast, no fuss–just the way it should be.. Stack-and-Sell is making it easier to know what you have, and to find what you don’t without wasting the time and energy searching through products you’re just not interested in. And that’s okay. (What does this feature NOT do? Glad you asked. It does not allow you to create your own collections, and you cannot sell coins in groups. Any other questions?)

Thanks for tuning into our Stack-and-Sell update! We’re continuing to dedicate our efforts to bring you the best products and services at the best prices and value. There are exciting new things coming to the Stack-and-Sell platform and we hope you continue to give us the feedback and perspective that continues to make us better and better everyday.

Stack & Sell Updates
Stack & Sell Updates


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