SS Central America: Ship of Gold

SS Central America: Ship of Gold

ss central america Sep 9, 2022

Have you heard about the S.S. Central America? If you've been joining our Monday night calls or reading the Vault Report, you may have heard us mention the so-called, "Ship of Gold" that went down in the 1800's. But what does an old shipwreck have to do with all of us here today, right? Well, it's actually a super interesting story that has some exciting implications for 7k and our members.

Watch the video below to find out why...

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S.S. Central America: Ship of Gold
The SS Central America: America’s Lost Treasure. In 1857, a group of passengers boarded the SS Sonora in San Francisco. They were accompanied by their most prized possessions, and in many cases that was gold. Spoils from the Gold Rush of 1849 had attracted thousands to the West, and

The fun never stops around here, does it?! Can't wait to share more info! Stay tuned.


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