soundmoney®, 7k Cash, & Vaultmax

soundmoney®, 7k Cash, & Vaultmax

soundmoney Sep 2, 2023

soundmoney®, 7k Cash, VaultMax: What They Are, What They Aren’t

There are three integral platforms you need to understand inside and out to use the 7k Membership to your full advantage. If you get to know them, your life will become exponentially easier as a 7k Member, and—dare we say—in general. Here are their names and their dos and don'ts:

  • soundmoney®
  • 7k Cash/Payquicker and…
  • VaultMax


soundmoney® launched with as many cool features as we could think up to bring cutting-edge technology and brand-new options for gold and silver users to a market that has yet to ever offer them. A couple of years in, we did the math, conducted some experiments, and found that soundmoney® was utilized by most people for two things: buying precious metals in fractional denominations and a simple way to liquidate vault holdings.

These two features are the answer to ‘What is soundmoney®?’ That's an easy enough answer, agreed? When 7k offers our Members something, we've made sure it's the best of the best. And the best is soundmoney® because we…

  • Bypassed the need for ‘funding’ your account. Instead, push your fiat currency (cash) straight from your bank account towards a purchase of soundmoney® metals.
  • Got rid of disbursement fees. Should you choose to have your metals sent to your doorstep, you pay for the shipping and the insurance and handling if it applies on large orders–that's it.
  • Added additional protection to your soundmoney® account with an easy-to-set-up 2-factor authentication process. Only you have access to your account and metals.

soundmoney® is now the fastest, most secure, and simplest way to buy and own fractional gold and silver with a simple and quick way to liquidate. No other option compares.

7k Cash/PayQuicker

7k Cash is a robust tool that helps manage commissions, make purchases easier and even transfer member to member, here’s some more detail:

  • Expect 7k commission checks to show up in your account.
  • Fund with fiat currency to make purchases within 7k—for products like your monthly AutoSaver, Coin Drops, and 7k Select releases; payments toward special 7k events; Member-to-Member* transfers (up to $300/day.)
  • Or use an attached debit card to pay for anything, anywhere—even internationally.

Nope, all these options are not for the soundmoney® user anymore…but they ARE for the 7k Cash (tomayto, tomahto) user, which is free to 7k Members, same as a soundmoney® account. Every option listed is real news, and they are all included with your 7k Cash account! (Pro tip: if you set your 7k Cash account as your default payment method in your 7k account and use if for 7k spendback transactions, you'll only pay a 1% processing fee.)

So you understand how to use soundmoney® and 7k Cash now. Which means you’re stacking assets like an absolute pro. But what are we missing?

Secure storage.

*Need a hand finding this option? Go to your 7k Dashboard, find your cash account, select “account,” then “Transfer Money,” then, “Send Instant Payment.”


If you have a soundmoney® account or choose to let us store your 7k-bought precious metals, where are the physical metals being held?

VaultMax:... a third-party, fully-insured, private vault for storing assets purchased from soundmoney®.  Basic access to VaultMAX is free with your 7k Membership and gives you access to

  • Quick and easy shipments of your physical metals to your address just as soon as you let us know you want them (only shipping and insurance fees apply.)
  • Free storage of up to $50k in holdings for 7k Members. Additional storage is available for an annual rate of just 0.5% of your total stored assets.**
  • 24/7 surveillance and top-notch security for your peace of mind.
  • Climate-controlled atmosphere with sensitive fire suppression systems.
  • Regular audits —including all holdings, security systems, and staff.

These perks are what drew us to VaultMax. We take your precious metals and trust seriously, so we make sure that everyone we agree to work alongside does too, including VaultMax.

**Total is billed monthly, calculated based on your max holdings during the month(s) in which your holdings exceeded $50k.

The tools we’re discussing are must-haves and must-knows in the gold and silver industry. They mop the floor with any other business’s attempts to make gold and silver attainable to the average person. They will drive your 7k business into the endzone if you understand how they were meant to be used. So if there is anything else we can do to ensure you, our Members, understand them, all you have to do is ask. You can expect education and our support. We want you all to succeed, but more importantly, we believe you absolutely CAN through effort, study, and willpower. Let’s show the world what we have and what we can offer them, 7k.

Footnote: "soundmoney® is legally prohibited from guaranteeing to buyback vaulted holdings, but buyback requests are always considered at currently published buyback prices and soundmoney® has never rejected an request for buyback."


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