New Autosavers Announced

New Autosavers Announced

autosaver Dec 6, 2021

In case you missed it...

At the Dec. 4th Lightning Event in SLC, we announced a change to the 7k AutoSaver program. We've renamed the various AutoSavers to make it easier to know what you will get with each one.

Previously, the AutoSavers were named Basic, Variety, and Specialty. As 7k grows and develops, we'll be adding new AutoSaver plans. To that end the new plans are as follows:

Eagle - State Label

Receive one graded US State Label 1oz Silver Eagle each month. Collect all 50!

State Animal - Silver

Receive one graded US State Animal 1oz Silver Coin each month. Collect all 50!

State Animal - Gold

Receive one graded US State Animal 1/2gram Gold Coin each month. Collect all 50!

7 Pillars - Gold Notes

Receive one of 7 graded Gold Notes each month depicting the 7 Pillars of Humanity Project from celebrated stained glass artist, Tom Holdman. Collect them all!

The new plans are available now in your back office and upon enrollment!

Here's a sneak peek at the incredible new gold notes available in the 7 Pillars autosaver.

Watch for the next post to learn so much more about the stunning Roots of Humanity Project!

Roots of Humanity Project
Would you consider the world divided these days? How unified do you feel the human family is? Did you know that as humans our DNA is 95% identical to one another’s? That means that we are all 95% the exact same, leaving only 5% in difference. Five percent! And yet


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