New AutoSaver Available Now!

New AutoSaver Available Now!

7k Dec 30, 2023

Over 196 billion…that’s how many square miles of land and ocean make up Earth. Our best researchers agree that the planet is around 4.5 billion years old. In all that time and over all that space, the Earth’s landscape has steadily changed: tectonic plates shift, volcanoes form and erupt, water sources dry up or erode pathways through rock and soil, and the occasional asteroid or meteorite pummels and craters the ground. Through it all, life endures, and our planet is remolded, time and time again.

In this heartbeat of our planet’s history, some of the most awe-inspiring places on Earth are captured by photographers' lenses, satellite videos, and travel writers’ blogs. Now, 7k is thrilled to highlight and immortalize eighty-four of them in our own special capacity: Minted in high-resolution colorization on one-ounce Silver coins and released monthly as part of a brand new AutoSaver collection, Beauty of the World. Six continents, fourteen coins each, one world-encompassing collection…only available through 7k.

This collection—or each of the individual six miniseries—is for everyone, world travelers, daydreamers, adventurers, and homebodies alike. Because it offers so much more than a checklist of your wanderings or new destinations for your bucket list. Once a month, you’ll receive a small, Silver reminder that there is beauty in the world, today and always. When life is a little bleak, when trials turn the world a little grey, this collection will help you remember to look for the bright side. After all…there are miracles to celebrate! Great wonders to marvel at! And beauty that exists all over the world!

Whether you choose to collect one or two continents or all six, you’ll encounter feats of Mother Nature that enchant and astound, stacking Silver all the while. Each coin is produced with an average mintage of 7,777, but make sure to watch for anomalies—the exceptions will be even rarer! To those who are dedicated to gathering the entire collection, we hope that the result will be many years of making amazing discoveries, developing a more beautiful mindset, and maybe even taking an inspired trip or two…How about a new adventure, 7k? Come along with us and explore the Beauty of the World.

We’ll begin in Australia, a continent of spectacular surprises…


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