Mythical Creatures Coins For Sale

Mythical Creatures Coins For Sale

coins Jun 23, 2021

Have you heard about the Mythical Creatures coin series?

If you've been participating in our coin drops, you probably saw the Werewolf coin we dropped recently. If you got one of those, you're really going to want to take a look at the 7k Selected products page right now.

We're doing what we call a "Coin Release" with a few more of the coins in the Mythical Creatures series. We know you love collections, and we only have a limited number of coins in each issue of the series, so we're making sure we let those of you who bought the Werewolf coin know that we're making some of the others available for sale.

Not sure what we're talking about?

That's okay. There are actually still a few Werewolf coins available so you can still get started collecting this series! But you'll need to grab the first coin asap.

Go get your 2oz Werewolf PF70 Coin Now!

Next, check out this page to see the other coins in the series:

Mythical Creatures Coin Series
Raise your hand, lovers of all things Greek mythology! We’ve got a coin collection that is perfect for you. It’s called the Mythical Creatures Series and it’s really a fun one. So, what makes this coin series worth adding to your collection? Here are some of our favorite things about

That way you'll know what to look for on 7k Selected.

Last, but not least, scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to so you'll be the first to know when other coins are released for sale. This will give you the inside scoop. Not just on this coin series, but future coin drops, releases, 7k corporate updates, and other insider info.

Okay, go get those coins! Best of luck to you all!


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