March 2024 Vault Report

March 2024 Vault Report

Mar 1, 2024
7k Vault Report March 2024
7k Vault Report March 2024

Vegas is calling!

Have you got your tickets to 7kX yet?? How ‘bout your friends? You’re a great friend if you bought theirs too, but all we’re saying is make sure you’ve got your squad at the event—it’s way better together! But even if you come alone, we’re going to show you a good time.

If you’re new to 7k and haven’t heard of 7kX, first off…hello and welcome! We’ll catch you up. 7kX is our annual convention when the entire company gathers in one awesome location—this year it’s the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas—and we blow the roof off the place with four days of motivation, coaching, team-building, and good energy. You’ll walk away with some goodies, maybe a win or two from the special merch shop and coin drops if they call your name, and a head full of training and tools from our incredible leaders and speakers. It’s a nonstop party—except instead of losing brain cells, you gain some…fun!

Tickets are available in your 7k Back Office. The link to book them pops up in bright pink on the right side of your Back Office home screen but if you want to take the scenic route, find it in the Events tab in the left-hand column under your profile pic. Once you’re there, choose between an All-In ticket or a Basic—the difference is access to the awards Gala dinner, where we’re raffling off some fire prizes like a $22,000 (USD) Gold coin…yeah, you wanna be there. Also, don’t forget to book your hotel for the week. For your convenience, you can do that on the same page.

Hmm…are we missing anything? If you have questions about 7kX don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We usually don’t bite.

Woohoo, Vegas baby! Can’t wait to meet you all there. Don’t snooze on it…it’s going to be the best 7kX yet.



03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins

05 - 7kX 2024 AGENDA: A peek at the awesome things planned this year

07 - RANK UPS: 1/15-2/15

11 - WHY COLLECTIBLES: Wealth Strategies Insight

15 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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The Big Dream: Fly High 1 oz Silver

An American Life: John F. Kennedy 35th President 1/2 oz Silver


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Why Collectibles?

If you missed last month's article on why non-collectible gold and silver have proven to be one of the best ways to protect yourself against failing fiat currencies and possible economic volatility, check it out here!

In part one mentioned above, we share why non-collectible gold and silver play an excellent defensive role in your wealth strategy. We know that there has never been a championship team that ONLY won on defense, so let's look at a possible offensive gold and silver strategy.

When we say offense, we mean a possible way for you to not only win the financial game you decide to play but possibly win it faster.

Sitting around and waiting for gold and silver to go up in "market value" isn't necessarily a bad thing but has left many people disenchanted over the years because some "expert" told them to expect instant and massive gains. The reality is that history has proven that non-collectible gold and silver have always done their job of holding their value.

If you are looking for something more exciting with the potential for a faster increase in asset value, don't discount what collectibles can do for you.

The collectible market as a whole has a long history of success (think Michael Jordan's rookie trading card, popular pokemon cards, famous artwork, etc.), and even more so these days. With the rise of novelties, more art, more wealth, the introduction of digital collections, and several more factors, collectibles are more mainstream than ever before.

When it comes to collectibles, their value doesn't necessarily come from the material from which they are made; it comes from the rarity, story, uniqueness, creativity, other additional production work or intellectual property, and ultimately the demand people have to own that thing.

Although owning collectibles isn't a sure thing, there are definite advantages to choosing certain types of collectibles. For us, owning collectible coins is one of the safest ways to get into the game.

Think about it, if you have a "collectible" made of paper or as a digital asset, if the collectible value diminishes or goes away altogether, the overall value goes to basically nothing. The same would apply to traditional artwork, shoes, and many other collectibles.

Collectible gold and silver are different. First of all, history has proven that continued value in collectible type coins made of gold and silver has been reasonably consistent. Even if you set aside that fact, owning a collectible made of a precious metal gives added security that the chances of that piece ever going to "0" in value are VERY LOW.

Although most collectible coins have proven to go up in their overall collectible value over time, even if certain ones don't, history says there is a high chance that gold and silver will never lose their value in the market.

Now, we just walked through a worst-case scenario of a coin losing its collectible value, but let's take a look at the exciting and more likely outcome of owning collectibles that could dramatically increase in value.

We highlight a few coins that have done very well in the market as collectibles in the brand new Wealth Strategies, but let's look at a few more:

2020 Majestic Eagle 2 oz Black Proof Original Retail Between $280-$360 What it would cost you now: $450-$650

2015 Evolution of Life Ammonite 1 oz Original Retail Between $140-$230
What it would cost you now: $900-$1,400

2015 Magnificent Life Peacock 1 oz Original Retail Between $115-$150
What it would cost you now: $650-$900

2018 Big Five Elephant Gold Note 1 Gram Original Retail Between $90-$140
What it would cost you now: $300-$350

2020 The White House by MS 1 oz Original Retail: $220
What it would cost you now: $330-450

2019 Idaho State Label Silver Eagle (AutoSaver) Original Retail: $95
What it would cost you now: $220-$250

2021 An American Life Ben Franklin: Founder Original Retail: $120
What it would cost you now: $170-$200

These are some great examples of what can happen with modern collectible coins--and we could share many more! That said, remember that no coin is guaranteed to have a certain result. We believe in playing the game with a mindset of longevity and legacy and only capitalizing on the value of collectible gold and silver when necessary to further your financial strategy. And if you are getting discouraged because certain coins in your stack aren't demanding the values you hope or expect right now, don't worry!

Remember that creating a legacy doesn't happen overnight. Not every play in a football game is perfect, not every flower planted in the garden will grow, not every horse wins the derby, and not every coin will be a home run. The sum of the effort and the sound nature of the strategy will generally breed success for most things in life--having patience in the collectible world is a MUST.

There can be great opportunities for real asset growth playing in collectible gold and silver. Still, it really is a way to have tons of fun, connect with people, and ultimately leave something of value to future generations in the form of memories, the collectibles themselves, and the stories that go with them.

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

HISTORIC INSTRUMENTS: Astrolabe 2 oz Silver Coin
Before GPS, before global maps, even before sextants, humans had to get creative when navigating this big, blue world. So when they needed a map or to figure their location, they did that with an astrolabe: a little tool that could map the positions of celestial bodies all year round. This 2 oz fine silver coin might not guide you by the stars, but we’re betting it’ll help get you where you wanna go.

METEORITE IMPACTS: Aba Panu Meteorite 1 oz Silver Coin
Watch out! This meteorite made a HUGE impact on collectors of the Meteorite Impacts coin series! It cradles a real-life piece of the Aba Panu meteorite, which made its grand entrance into the Earth's crust in April of 2018 next to a small Nigerian village from which it got its name. This stone hurled across lightyears of space and its journey brought it to you. How incredible is that? Maybe it's your lucky star?

MONT SAINT MICHEL: 1/2 gram Gold Coin
Rising out of salt water off the coast of Normandy, the Mont-Saint-Michel casts a formidable, ancient shadow over all who approach its massive structure. Over 1,000 years of history and mystery surround this Gothic-style treasure, and struck on a half-gram of pure Gold on this coin, its impressive form is not lost. As a UNESCO site, Christian pilgrimage destination, and architectural wonder, the Mont-Saint-Michel can be counted as one of the greatest feats of the old world, and this coin a worthy addition to any collection.

VENICE: 2 oz Silver Coin
Ahh, to glide on a gondola through the floating city of Venice—or ‘Venezia’ to our Italian friends! The magnificent colorization on this 2 oz Silver coin highlights the uniqueness of the city, made up of a collection of 118 small islands trussed together in a feat of ancient engineering that’s wonderful to behold. An UNESCO World Heritage site and widely popular tourist destination, a visit to Venice is not to be missed by the world traveler, but this coin will be your reminder ‘til you make it!

7k Vault Report March 2024
7k Vault Report March 2024


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