March 2023 Vault Report

March 2023 Vault Report

Mar 1, 2023
March 2023 7k Vault Report
March 2023 7k Vault Report


Thanks for coming!

The sunny beaches of the Dominican Republic waved us a sad little goodbye as we left the 7k Getaway this year, but as we all know, even the best things have to come to an end. The six days we spent at the Dreams Macao Beach resort were great for our souls, AND for our vitamin D reserves.

Thank you to everyone who made it out there with us! Hopefully the memories stick around a lot longer than the tan does.

To anyone who missed the event this year, we missed you! Next year is your year, though. Get it in your calendar for 2024, now. You know why? Yeah, you do.

Because we believe in you!


03 - COIN DROP: Pop Culture Drop

05 - 7k GETAWAY: Dominican Republic Recap

09 - GUIDANCE: On sharing the 7k Share Plan

11 - RANK ADVANCEMENTS: 1/15 - 2/15

15 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love

17 - #STACKSONSTACKS: Some Awesome Stacks!


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Daydreamer: Future 2 oz Silver

Silver Burst 2 oz Silver

Tutankhamun's Mask 5 oz Silver

Growing Up: Stallion Obsidian Black Proof 2 oz Silver

An American Life Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider 1/2 oz Silver


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7k Getaway Dominican Republic 2023
Hey there, Believers! Shades on, toes in the sand, the smell of salty air, and the sound of the crashing waves are now, sadly, just distant memories for everyone who joined us in the lush and vibrant Dominican Republic this year. Hopefully you’re returning home refreshed and ready to
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Guidance on Sharing the 7k Share Plan
Believers, the Holidays have come and gone, New Year’s Resolutions have been set, and now many of you are running full speed ahead in the Gold Rush Challenge. We look forward to seeing your success this year as you stay focused on your goals and put in the work
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7k Select

Collectibles We Love

Ages of Man Creation of the World: Aztec Five Suns 3 oz
The complexity of the ancient Aztec myth of the Five Suns and their beliefs involving the creation and destruction cycle of the worlds is perfectly captured here on a 3-ounce silver masterpiece, with detail like the numismatics world has never before seen! With a limited mintage of only 333 pieces, this coin holds a story only you and 332 others in the world get to choose: use your power wisely!

Trip To The Moon: 120th Anniversary 2 oz
For the 120th anniversary of the first ever science fiction film, Trip to the Moon, this 2 oz coin features the Man in the Moon himself! The original quirky film, directed by Georges Méliès, was released in 1902 at about 14 minutes long, completely silent, and all in black and white. Science fiction has made bounds and leaps since, but we love to remember the pioneers of the craft.

Lost States of America: Franklin 1 oz
The settlers of the State of Franklin stood for the American ideal that if the people feel underrepresented by their government, they will right the wrong. Just one year after the close of the Revolutionary War, the inhabitants of a few North Carolinian counties feared that through their state government's cessation of the land they lived upon, it might be taken from them. And so they formed...Franklin, a now Lost State of America.

Lunar Year: Sweet Rabbit Gilded 1 oz
The Lunar Year Collection welcomes this 1 oz, gold gilded, fine silver "Sweet Rabbit" coin. Based on the Rabbit archetype of the Chinese New Year calendar, this sweet little bunny represents the gentle, generous, sometimes timid characteristics of those born under the Year of the Rabbit. In Chinese culture, gold is the color of good luck...hopefully that rings true with this gold gilded lucky bunny!

Four Leaf Clover: Ounce of Luck 1 oz
If it’s a little luck you’re looking for, you’ve struck gold, friend! This Ounce of Luck addition is just the thing for a pick-me-up from the universe. Not only is its coloring lush and backdrop exquisite, but the longer you look at this coin, the more you’ll find to love about it. Who needs Lady Luck’s permission for a good run? You’ve gone out and found your own lucky penny.


There's nothing we love more than showing off our members who are working hard and stacking assets like a boss. This month, we're proud to be cheering on Glenn Smith and Kenye Lambert. Congratulations on your stacks, and keep up the incredible work!

Got #stacksonstacks?

We want to see 'em!
We love to see our members' coin collections! Whether you're just getting started with numismatics or have literal #stacksonstacksonstacks, we're so excited for you to build your legacy with coins!

We'll keep featuring stacks we see on the 7k Exclusive Facebook group, so keep on sharing for a chance to be featured! Time to show off those #stacksonstacks!

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