7k Getaway Dominican Republic 2023

7k Getaway Dominican Republic 2023

7k getaway Mar 5, 2023

Hey there, Believers!

Shades on, toes in the sand, the smell of salty air, and the sound of the crashing waves are now, sadly, just distant memories for everyone who joined us in the lush and vibrant Dominican Republic this year. Hopefully you’re returning home refreshed and ready to get back into the swing of life and its speed bumps!

The 7k Getaway was several days of good food, wild excursions, heavenly pool-and-beach-side naps, a little learning mixed in for good measure, and a whole lot of great memories made with new friends. We’re getting a little misty-eyed just reminiscing!

On Day One, everyone met bright and early for a three-hour meeting where Jayson Arfmann, Zach Davis, Blake Davis, Tom and Gayle Holdman, and Josh Anderson all broke down different parts of the 7k Manifesto. You know it, right?

“We see things differently. They say stop, we say go. They’re striving for mediocracy, we’re obsessed with significance. They said we couldn’t do it so we did it anyway. We’re coming for everything they said we couldn’t have. We build leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs that create generational wealth, transform families, bring hope to the helpless, and significance to the successful. We’re the believers!”

Powerful! Each of the awesome speakers shared examples, thoughts, and insights into why 7k believes in and strives to live the 7k Manifesto. It was especially reinforced that our mission truly IS to “build leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs.”

To end our meeting, we got to hear from Roger Ball, Richard Hansen, and Christi Ball as they presented some incredible nuggets and perspectives on the growth and mission of 7k.

Day One came to a close with a welcome reception and dinner for the whole group!

On Day Two, everybody was set free to pick their own fun. Some took their chance to spend the day at the beach or pool, networking and learning from each other; others went off on adventures like dune buggy rides—or hanging out with monkeys in the jungle nearby!

Day Three was the incredible Catamaran Excursion, and we had almost the entire group show up! We needed four boats just to fit everyone! Throughout the ride, we all enjoyed music, dancing, snorkeling, and hanging out on a local sandbar just a couple hundred yards off the shoreline.

Day Four was another free fun day until dinner, when we put on our annual White Night dinner (when everybody wears all white clothing) AND a show on the beach! (Look at all those beautiful 7k Members! {insert photo of White Night})

It’s hard to describe how fun a 7k Getaway is until you’ve actually been to one. The ability to meet up in a sunny, exotic location with a massive group of like-minded and heart-felt people is incredibly powerful. Those who came this year have new memories to talk about for years to come and, hopefully, new relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you didn’t make it to the 7k Getaway this year, mark your calendar for the next one! January or February 2024, you can join us in...

Oops! We can’t tell you that yet. Come to 7kX in New Orleans to find out where we are going and grab your reservation ticket!


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