March 2021 Vault Report

March 2021 Vault Report

vault report Mar 1, 2021
march 2021 vault report cover
march 2021 vault report
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In This Issue:

  • coin highlight
  • testimonial
  • roman empire series
  • 7k today blog announcement
  • cancun highlights
  • rankups
7k international texting numbers
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International Texting

USA: 885-88 OR 8332099777
Canada: 8332099777
Australia: 61480088229
U.K.: 4474911663966
Singapore: 6582400304
New Zealand: Coming Soon!


  1. Open your text message application on your cell phone.
  2. Start a new text message.
  3. Enter the number for your specific country in the "to" field.
  4. Type "7k" into the body of the message.
  5. Hit send and wait for an auto reply welcoming you.
  6. Make sure to be quick the messages come in to take advantage of Coin Drops!

Please note: normal rates based on your individual plan may apply but no additional international costs will be incurred

recent 7k coin sales
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recent 7k coin sales
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Some Coins You May Have Missed!

Check out these world-class coins that members added to their collections recently! Congratulations if you were able to get one!

  • Hunters By Night - Black Panther
  • Magnificent Life - Chameleon
  • 2021 Marvel Wolverine
  • Tiffany Art Isfahan 5oz
  • 7k U.S. State Animal Series California Grizzly Bear
  • 2019 Peace & Love
  • Rosy Heart
7k metals review
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7k Testimonal

I joined 7k back on November 13th after attending a live Zoom with Madiba Thompson and Blake was the special guest. I realized how uneducated I was about gold and silver and joined at the Premium package.
At the time, I thought it was simply about collection gold and silver. The Idaho regional event was the following day and I saw the benefit wheel for the first time and was blown away when I saw the 7k Health Plan was one of the benefits. I've been self-employed since 2009 and my health insurance premium continued to grow every year until it was within a few hundred dollars of my monthly mortgage payment. I've either worked for, or supported health plans for the last 30 years. I recognized right away that it was quality health insurance. I have health plan option C and the $250k Catastrophic Plan. This is saving me $886 per month over what I was paying separately for an Affordable Care Act plan, Vision and Dental.
I just signed up for the Working Live video conferencing. Before this, I was paying $39.99 per month for a Zoom Pro account via a deal I received from another company a few years ago. Now I'm paying $12.99 for a similar package. This is saving me another $27 per month. If you add it all up, I'm spending $913 less per month than before I joined 7k. That's $10956 per year back in my pocket and you can bet it's going to my soundmoney wallet. On top of that, I've made $750 in commissions.
2020 was my highest income year ever and I was just barely scraping by. Now, I actually have savings - in gold and silver! What you guys have put together is a true blessing!
Todd Palm
Virginia Beach, VA

roman empire coin series
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Roman Empire Coin Series
Exclusively from 7k Metals: A 12 coin series featuring prominent historical figures from the Roman Empire.
*** Only from 7k ***
5 tips to turn prospects into team members
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5 tips to turn prospects into team members
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5 Tips to Turn Prospects Into Team Members | 7k Metals
(adapted from an article on Since the beginning of time, salespeople have struggled to turn the tire-kickersinto buyers. There have always been those who close after one call or meeting,but there will always be those prospects who take time and a lot of educating,explaining, and…
march 2021 7k vault report
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march 2021 7k vault report
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The Vault Report Is Going DIGITAL!

It’s kind of time, isn’t it? Time to make our monthly newsletter available online. As you know, we are big proponents of dealing in physical assets, things you can hold in your hands, but we also realize that we print a LOT of paper every month. Like, A LOT.

So, we’ve decided to take a best of both worlds approach. For the time being, we’ll keep printing our Vault Reports and mailing them out with your orders. But we’re also going to make it super easy for you to see the current Vault Report (along with tons of past editions) on our all new 7k Today blog!

Just scan the QR code on this page or type in into your browser to check it out.

You’re going to want to bookmark that page, too. Because in addition to Vault Reports, we are also posting cool info about stuff going on in the coin world, insider info about our Coin Collections, bios of 7k’s Founders, and more.

Basically, 7k Today will be the platform we use to keep you BELIEVERS up-to-date on all the latest info at 7k HQ.

We have big plans for this little website, so check it out now and watch it grow!

7k getaway cancun 2021 recap
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7k getaway cancun 2021 pictures
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7k Getaway Cancun 2021

Take Us Back!

What a trip! There aren't many things that we love more than actually living a lifestyle powered by gold and silver WITH YOU...

7k getaway 2021 (COVID STYLE) is in the books and won't be forgotten anytime soon. If you couldn't make it, start making plans NOW for next year's getaway so we can travel the world TOGETHER!

march 2021 7k vault report
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7k metals vault report march 2021
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2021 march vault report
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vault report march 2021
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march 2021 vault report
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7k exclusive facebook group
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Onboarding Training

New to the company?! Learning the most effective things to do first when becoming a member of 7k is now simple! Just go to your dashboard, click on the "Go To Training" button and find "Onboarding Training" inside the training center. Go check it out!

Facebook Group

7k would like to extend the invitation to you to join our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. We have created this exclusive group with the intent of improving communication, showing our shared visions for the future and to celebrate your successes!

Step 1: In the Facebook search bar, type "7k Exclusive".
Step 2: Click on the "GROUPS" section right under the search bar. Then, look for the "7k Exclusive" group, and click JOIN.
Step 3: After clicking on "join", a window will appear. Answer the questions.
Step 4: Click on the "SUBMIT" button and wait up to 48 hours for your approval!
OR open your camera on any smartphone and scan the QR code in the image above to take you straight to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer Care at: 208.314.2587 or by email at

7k metals march 2021 vault report
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