5 Tips to Turn Prospects Into Team Members

5 Tips to Turn Prospects Into Team Members

direct sales Feb 24, 2021

(adapted from an article on www.sales-i.com)

Since the beginning of time, salespeople have struggled to turn the tire-kickers into buyers. There have always been those who close after one call or meeting, but there will always be those prospects who take time and a lot of educating, explaining, and work on your part to get them to commit.

Sales have never been and never will be easy, but there are things you can do to help convert lingering prospects into customers—or in our case, committed team members.

1. Keep in touch.

To keep a prospect from getting distracted by the demands of life, you have to nurture them. Maintaining contact, without being pushy, will keep you and your offer at the forefront of their minds. You can do this through quick phone calls, newsletters (like the one you’re reading right now), the Wealth Strategies booklet, regular social media interactions, or even an email with your latest team-member success story. It can be anything, as long as you’re staying in the picture. Be sure you get contact info of anyone interested in 7k.

2. Prospects want now, not tomorrow.

Most of us are the same, we want what we want… now, not in 10-14 working days. Use this innate human desire to your advantage in your sales process. Remind your prospects that your product or opportunity will solve their pain points quickly. Instant gratification can sometimes be just the incentive a customer needs to commit.

3. Prove your worth.

Sales in today’s world don’t come easy. You have to first prove yourself to your prospect. Offer free information, help or advice that will build trust with them. You can do this through a blog, email newsletter, showing off your coin collection, including them in your team meetings, etc. You have to walk the walk, in order for them to believe you when you talk the talk.

4. Don't hard sell.

It has never worked (well) and probably never will. Today’s prospects are far too educated (and, let’s be honest, jaded) to be pressured into joining your organization. Information is just a smartphone tap away, so a pushy sales pitch or false claims will actually do more damage than good. Just don’t.

5. Personalize the benefits.

Take a look at how you’re presenting your offer. Are you just listing off what you’ve heard someone else say or are you really selling the benefits from your own perspective? Look at the product or opportunity from the buyer’s perspective. How will it help them personally? How can you see it making their life better? How has it changed yours? Talk about those things, not generalities.

See this article in the March edition of the Vault Report.


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