Last Franklin Half Ounce Coin Dropping!

Last Franklin Half Ounce Coin Dropping!

An American Life Sep 30, 2021

If you've been collecting our Benjamin Franklin half ounce silver coins, you're going to want to watch the timer above! Here comes the last half ounce coin in the series.

WHEN: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 2021 @ 12pm NOON (Mountain Time)

WHERE: -> Dashboard -> Coin Drop

HOW: Get the code here or by text, click on Coin Drop (after logging into, enter code, get coins!

WHAT: Find out below!

2021 An American Life Benjamin Franklin Diplomat 1/2oz Silver Coin MS70

Year of Issue: 2021
Country Of Issue: Cook Islands
Face Value: 2 Dollars
Coin Weight: 1/2 Oz
Metal Purity: 0.999
Metal Composition: Silver
Mintage: 5000

When we consider Ben Franklin’s accomplishments—and there are MANY—it might be his skills as a diplomat that have most impacted the world today. Without Old Ben donning a fur cap and making a spectacle of himself in France, it’s doubtful the rag tag Continental Army would have been able to defeat the British at all. But he did! And thanks to his diplomat skills, the world was changed forever.

2021 An American Life Benjamin Franklin Diplomat 1/2oz Silver Coin MS70
2021 An American Life Benjamin Franklin Diplomat 1/2oz Silver Coin MS70
An American Life Coin Collection
Introducing An American Life, a collection of coin series focused on the lives of prominent historical American figures. Each figure will be represented by a 1, 2, and 5 oz coin demonstrating their impact on the U.S., as well as 6 half-ounce coins featuring vignettes from the person’s life.
See the whole series

2021 Lions Growing Up Black Proof 2oz Silver Coin PF70 & PF69

Year of Issue: 2021
Country of Issue: Tanzania
Mint: Mayer Mint
Face Value: 1500 Shillings
Coin Weight: 2 Troy Ounces
Metal Purity: 0.999
Metal Composition: Fine Silver
Mintage: 333
Features: Black Proof on one side, Proof on the other

Ladies and gentlemen for the first time EVER, we introduce a coin with both regular proof AND black proof! And what better way to commemorate the occasion, than with the king of the wild. You'll love to watch the mighty lion grow from a young cub into his majestic self as you turn over your new coin.

Not sure how to get in on a Coin Drop?

First, make sure you're on our text list.
Here's how:

International Texting

USA: 8332099777
Canada: 8332099777
Australia: 61480088229
U.K.: 4474911663966
Singapore: 6582400304
New Zealand: Coming Soon!
Ireland: Coming Soon!


  1. Open your text message application on your cell phone.
  2. Start a new text message.
  3. Enter the number for your specific country in the "to" field.
  4. Type "7k" into the body of the message.
  5. Hit send and wait for an auto reply welcoming you.
  6. Make sure to be quick the messages come in to take advantage of Coin Drops!

Please note: normal rates based on your individual plan may apply but no additional international costs will be incurred

Next, make sure you're a member of the 7k Exclusive Group on Facebook:

Step 1: In the Facebook search bar, type "7k Exclusive".
Step 2: Click on the "GROUPS" section right under the search bar. Then, look for the "7k Exclusive" group, and click JOIN.
Step 3: After clicking on "join", a window will appear. Answer the questions.
Step 4: Click on the "SUBMIT" button and wait up to 48 hours for your approval!
OR open your camera on any smartphone and scan the QR code in the image above to take you straight to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer Care at: 208.314.2587 or by email at

And finally, log in to your 7k back office before the time of the Coin Drop. At exactly the appointed time, input the access code that you got from the timer on this page, your text or on the FB group, and race to get the coin or coins you want!

We understand that some people don't receive the texts immediately when we send them, so we've added a handy countdown to the top of this page. When the timer reaches zero, the code will automatically display, giving you instant access to the info you need to get the coins you want.

Best of Luck!

Team 7k


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