June 2024 Vault Report

June 2024 Vault Report

Jun 1, 2024
7k Vault Report June 2024
7k Vault Report June 2024



We hope everyone we saw in Vegas for 7kX enjoyed the experience, learned a lot, and got home safely. Some real valuable training went down there—and some real treasures dropped, too, including the final half-ounce Silver Life of Kennedy coin, Father! The featured release followed an impactful speech given by the former President’s nephew, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Remembering John F. Kennedy and his legacy, so beautifully memorialized by the An American Life coins designed by Miles Standish has gotten us thinking about fathers. And with Father’s Day coming up soon, we want to shout out our 7k dads.

If ever the title of legacy-builder belonged to anyone, it’s a father. The impact of a dad on his family is powerful. You guys shoulder the weight of the world, yet you still move mountains for your family. To all of our Supermen out there…

Happy Father’s Day!


03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins

05 - 7kX 2024 RECAP: It Was A Blast!

17 - RANK UPS: 4/15-5/15

19 - THE DIVERSITY OF 7K: 5% Different & 5% the Same

23 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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An American Life: John F. Kennedy Father 1/2 oz Silver

Speed of Sound: Sound Barrier 5 oz Silver

Big City Lights: Sydney 1 oz Silver

Holdman Studios Glass Egg: We All Live 1 oz Silver


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7kX 2024 Las Vegas: That’s A Wrap

So…7kX 2024: Highlights? Takeaways? Favorite new coins?

Thank you, each and every one of you who got your butts in seats at Vegas! We’d gamble on the odds that the Paris Hotel was overflowing with the best energy in the city all week. You really brought the positivity and love this year!

Let’s recap events for those who weren’t able to join us:


Arrival - The Registration line was building in the hall for hours before doors even opened! After a smooth check-in, members attended either a classy meet-and-mingle or caught a Business Builders Academy meeting, or both. And there was plenty more to do: grab a 7k thermos or hat pin from merch, swing by the free headshot booth for a quick professional shot, or meet up with friends and teammates to game plan the rest of the event.


Coin Show - The first-ever 7kX Coin Show was utterly dope! Vendors, window shoppers, and buyers alike enjoyed getting to know one another through their stacks—and adding new pieces to their own. Huge shout out to Stack & Sell for hosting!

Lunch Buffet - We heard you guys say you loved the lunch buffets, so we passed along the compliments to the Paris Hotel Convention Center staff. We agree…the food was BOMB.

General Session #1 - Ury Melendez and E. Cliff dropped the mic on the crowd with a hit track to warm things up, then CEO Jayson Arfmann and Co-Founder Zach Davis took it away with some awesome words of wisdom about the mission and purpose of 7k.

We heard from leaders who gave us tips for thinking about and building a 7k business—BIG thanks to the leaders who spoke throughout the conference! Your words and testimonials have a massive impact on those who are on the same path.
Gold Giveaway - Remember that 5 oz Pure Gold ‘Fighter Pilot’ coin from the Real Heroes collection we’ve mentioned on every Monday Night Call since January? Every person who showed up to convention had a shot at winning, and some had an even better chance if they got someone else to convention too. Congratulations to Mike Slagle, the proud new owner of a $22,000 Gold coin with a global mintage of only 29!

The Standish Foundation for Children was represented by Founder Andy Standish this year, who gave us an update on the foundation’s progress—979,780 kids impacted! If you bought a Miles Standish-designed An American Life coin in 2023 or 2024, you contributed to that feat. Andy expressed her deepest gratitude to the 7k Family and announced that the foundation, now in its 15th year of service, is ahead of schedule in meeting its goal of impacting 1 million children by 2025. You all have had a hand in helping their worthy cause. Before Andy left, we were able to share a short memorial video honoring her late husband and our dear friend, Miles Standish.

Our incredible 7k Associates were then recognized, invited up on stage to meet the 7k Founders! Congratulations to all of you who have joined in the past year and worked so hard to get here. Welcome to the Fam!

Coin Drop! - The first coin that dropped at convention was truly one of a kind. The technology needed to mint it had yet to be invented when it was first conceptualized! Co-Founder Zach Davis explained that in producing ‘Sound Barrier’, the dies that imprinted the design broke 18 times before they finally succeeded. The coin itself tells the story of the first time a jet broke the sound barrier, first failing eight times in pursuit of the impossible. If you keep an eye out, even though you weren’t there for the initial drop, you might still be able to snag one of these babies…

In Kind Giving - To raise funds for the In Kind Foundation, our charitable organization that supports the philanthropy of partners such as the Standish Foundation for Children, the Roots of Humanity Foundation, and To Ukraine With Love, 7k raffled off a half-kilo Silver Hunters by Night ‘Eagle Owl’ coin! All proceeds, donated by our wonderful members, go to the In Kind Foundation, which divvies them up between its partners.

Blake Davis, Chief of Sales and Marketing, delivered a powerful message about hope, impact, and legacy, and led us out of the first General Session on a high note.


General Session #2 - Jumping back into General Session bright and early on Wednesday morning was even more exciting than usual due to the news shared with us by CEO Jayson Arfmann and Co-Founder Josh Anderson!

Jayson announced the integration of the soundmoney® app directly into the 7k Dashboard! Under the title ‘My Assets’, you can now find your soundmoney® account balance, as well as a breakdown of your holdings by metal asset when you click on the soundmoney® widget.

Josh had even more news…

  1. The launch of Instant Goldpay! This is a brand new feature of sharing 7k that allows you to instantly receive Gold in your soundmoney® account when you refer a new customer to 7k! Earn $20 worth of Gold for a Basic access option, $40 for a VIP, or $80 for a Legacy VIP…instantly!
  2. He also announced some changes to the 7k Share Plan coming June 2nd. We think you guys will love what’s happening there…(stuff like simpler Rank qualifications, new ways to share, monthly team point accumulation, and more!)
  3. He unveiled a project that’s been in the works…a high-tech facility where soundmoney® and Stack n Sell will run their operations. On top of serving current customers of these services, this facility will also now enable international folks and those who can’t store Gold and Silver at their houses to stack even collectible coins with zero worries in a fully insured, fully automated, uber-secure vault called VaultMax.

As Josh said at the event, we know that change can be scary, but we ask you for your continued trust that everything we are doing is to further our mission of getting Gold and Silver into the hands of those who need it most and giving the non-professional the chance to make extra money.

In Kind Giving - Many of you generously donated to In Kind and bought your ticket for the chance to win that half-kilo ‘Eagle Owl’, but there could only be one winner…Dennis Karl Moxon, congrats on your brand new Hunters by Night coin, and thank you for your contribution to In Kind!

More amazing messages from 7k leaders were shared, and our brand new Copper Associates joined the Founders on stage to be recognized! A quick magic show from Las Vegas magician, Greg Devereaux then preceded a really cool event…
2024 Presidential candidate, nephew of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was scheduled to appear with us on stage. However, Mr. Kennedy’s campaign struck a major win that day and due to the circumstances, he was unable to fly into Las Vegas. But he did take the time to get on a Zoom call with us! While the Q&A portion of the event didn’t pan out, we heard from RFK about his family, his beliefs about Gold and Silver, and the importance of the American dream. His son, Bobby Kennedy III, joined us in person and witnessed our second coin drop: the sixth half-ounce Silver addition to the JFK chapter in An American Life by Miles Standish, ‘Father’.

Breakout Sessions - Wednesday was our first day of breakout classes and with the help of everybody who attended, they went so well! Whether it was Josh Anderson’s ‘Stackin’ Secrets’ session expounding on the changes to 7k’s comp plan; a deeper look into the 7k benefits with David Camire of NGC, Scott Fardulis of 7k Protect, and talking Gold-backed IRAs with Jared Grimmer of 7k; Maureen Faulker’s guide to a great start with 7k; Curtis Harland and Bobby Matheny’s simple steps to fill the prospect pipeline; or Blake Davis’s walkthrough of new 7k tech tools for sharing, there was A LOT of information to learn, digest, and take home to the team! If you weren’t there, grab someone who was and help them practice teaching…it’s good for them!

VIP High Roller Experience - For our Top 5 Teams and Top 10 Individuals in the Gold Rush challenge, Wednesday night was High Roller night! This massive Ferris Wheel ride shows off Vegas from the highest point in the city. After a nice reception with great food and conversation, VIP members boarded the wheel and enjoyed a bird’s eye view of fabulous Las Vegas.


General Session #3 - Last day, best day! Thursday’s speakers and member testimonials were on point, Ann Moller and Kamaka provided the best entertainment of the week with their gorgeous duet of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, and then we heard from Tom and Gayle Holdman.

The Holdmans are always a highlight of each 7kX convention with their powerful messages of unity, love, and hope. This year, they outdid themselves. A sneak peek at the third skylight window for the Roots of Humanity’s Sphere of Light project was debuted, just before the final coin drop of convention was introduced: ‘We All Live’, the second of the skylight-inspired egg coins with a brilliant ocean ecosystem representing the connection between all living organisms and the importance of each one’s role. These egg coins never last long; you’ll have to haunt Stack & Sell to try to grab one! After some final, high-energy leader training, the last General Session came to a close.

Breakout Sessions - For the final round of breakout training, we learned: how to leverage fake money and tackle taxes with Reed Denning, Bob Reid, and Tony and Catherine Bass; how to craft our stories with Zach Davis; how to market on social media with Danielle Roy; how to lead great in-home wealth strategies presentations with Cathy Guzzo and Blake Davis; and how to have effective conversations about 7k with Diane Graber. So. Much. Awesome. Info. Again, if you missed any of these trainings, find someone who didn’t and ask them to teach you.

Gala Dinner - The Gala dinner is a must if you’re attending 7kX. It’s just not something to miss! This year, we paired it with our awards ceremony, so it was extra fun to enjoy a great dinner while recognizing new Silver and above Rank+Ups, Gold Rush winners, and other prominent Associates who are hard at work sharing the 7k message.

The biggest prize giveaway, and the moment many of you have been waiting for was the 2024 Ford Mustang…won by Benjamin Heyny!! The car is going to Austria after all…😉 Congratulations, Benjamin, and team! With wonderful food, beautiful ambiance, and excellent friends, the Gala was the perfect end to an incredible event.

7k…THANK YOU! Thank you for prioritizing 7kX and spending your valuable time with us. The time, preparation, and resources it requires is not lost on us. We know that getting to the event can be hard, but we believe that it is worth it and that gathering together with people who share a common cause can literally change lives.

So, for those of you who were at 7kX 2024 in Las Vegas, we have two questions for you to discuss among your teams now:
What was the BEST part of 7kX?
…You coming to Orlando 2025? 🤩

5% Different & 95% the Same

With 7kX just passed, we were reminded of something about our community. Maybe you’ve noticed it, too…7k is made up of a whole lot of different people.

Being different is not a bad thing, nor is it the only important thing. Individuality is a catalyst for creativity and inspiration! At the same time, our similarities connect us. Tom and Gayle Holdman of Holdman Studios said it best at on stage at 7kX: unique sequences make up only 5% of human DNA. The other 95%? Is exactly the same.

Both of those truths are beautiful. Both our similitude and diversity are worthy of celebration, joy, and expression.

Members of 7k…Who Are We?

That’s one thing 7k does very well. We are a company that unites people, regardless of common dividers like gender, age, ethnicity, culture, belief, language, background, or circumstances. These are all experiences that impact how the world reacts to us, but they don’t decide who we are. Here at 7k, we embrace what sets us apart with the understanding that these qualities strengthen our whole.

Who are we?

Men and Women…

There aren’t official stats on the number of women involved in modern numismatics, but as someone who was around the business since childhood, Miles Standish knew the ins and outs better than most. He once commented on the unprecedented number of women coin collectors 7k attracts. Backing up his claim, just this year one of our members had an illuminating story to share at 7kX. Marie Ruzicka reminisced about her experience as a young girl (fun fact: at the time, the price of Gold spanned between $44 to $384 per ounce!) walking into her father’s coin shop, Ruzicka Stamps and Coins, regarding a roomful of Gold, Silver, baseball card, comic book, and stamp collectors, and noticing that there were no women! She expressed her excitement for the change of pace at 7kX. 7k attracts both new and experienced numismatists, giving them a place to share the love of coin collecting with a community that gets them.

…Young and Old

Coin collecting has been around for a long, long time, but in the modern day, it’s become a hobby that new generations consider…outdated. 7k is helping it catch up. We find the best stories to tell, link up with amazing artists, and push for the development of new technologies, all to create the most visually remarkable, rare collectible coins on the market and put them into our community’s hands. Our youngest members are 18 and our oldest is…well, we won’t do you like that…but let’s just say that while the world might think people of different generations don’t have anything in common, 7k members of all ages are finding common ground in building impactful legacies by stacking coins that they love.

Doesn’t Matter Where You Come From…

As a member of 7k, it doesn’t matter whether you rock ice or cowboy boots or Prada or nerdy t-shirts. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, where your family comes from, or which church you attend or don’t. At 7k, we come from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common: a belief that Gold and Silver are powerful and, in the hands of people, can help positively impact lives and legacies. That belief transcends all our other differences and unites us with a mission to share that knowledge and hope. Currently, we have coin collectors and business builders in twelve countries, and we’re not stopping there. Our product empowers, our mission uplifts, and our wonderfully diverse and dedicated members are the reason it works.

Or Your Circumstances…

The 7k community includes its fair share of millionaires. It’s also made up of single moms. And people with credit card debt. And people who are retired, who are politicians, and who wait tables. At 7kX, we heard from Markus Elmleitner, an Austrian member who traveled halfway across the world to join us and is legally blind. That doesn’t stop him from sharing 7k with others—in fact, he won a spot in the Top 5 Individuals during the Gold Rush contest! 7k members are people of all circumstances who choose not to let them define their capabilities. They believe in themselves, go after what they want, and give others a hand up along the way.

…7k Members are Believers!

Holdman Studios: Our DNA is a 95% Match, 5% Unique

Tom and Gayle Holdman of Holdman Studios are long-time partners and friends of 7k, and they fit right in here. They believe in the beauty and value of life. With their worldwide team of artists, they imbue stained glass art with messages of hope and unity and ferry it across the globe to teach people about their unending purpose and worth.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked alongside Holdman Studios and its Roots of Humanity Foundation to help raise awareness for their goals and produce some of the most gorgeous collectibles on the market. 7k projects in collaboration with Holdman Studios include the 7 Pillars of Humanity Gold notes, the Threads of Light Gold notes AutoSaver, and the Holdman Silver Egg collectible coins. This year at 7kX, we dropped the most recent issue of the Silver Eggs, ‘We All Live’.

The ‘We All Live’ coin illustrates the message of the 95% human DNA match, while also celebrating the 5% that determines our separate and sacred roles on this Earth. We’d like to thank everyone who grabbed one of these coins for supporting the Holdman vision.

We are so grateful to our 7k Fam for bringing individuality to our community. You are so important here…just like everyone else! What is the same about us helps us to be united and strong. What is different about us gives us the capacity to be a light to the world. As you walk through life, remember the Holdman message: look for the 95%, celebrate the 5%!

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

FLOWERS AND LEAVES: Forget Me Not 2 oz Silver Coin
There’s a reason ‘forget-me-not’ blue is its own shade, evident by the glowing hue on this Flowers and Leaves addition. Somewhere between blue and indigo, the colorization on this coin is perfection, improved by the Proof quality that layers a mirrored field of forget-me-nots behind its vivid center piece. You won’t be forgetting this piece of artwork anytime soon.

SPIRITUAL ARTS: Angel of Mercy Gilded 3 oz Silver Coin
The Angel of Mercy: Valiant protector of the righteous, guardian of the innocent, and swift hand of the Almighty. This stunning 3 oz Silver gilded Gold angel stands upright in her holy role as a virtuous and merciful gift to humanity from their Creator. May she watch over you always and comfort you through times of adversarial trials.

IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind 1/2 g Gold Coin
Mind your fingers—Eddie’s back! On this pure gold coin the Iron Maiden mascot shows his good side, as seen on the original artwork for the platinum-record, Peace of Mind. Heavy metal just wouldn’t be the same without these icons, and neither would coin collecting. Let’s face it—Eddie’s many forms make for some DANG fun coins!

SECOND SKIN: 1 oz Silver Coin
No more scraped knees or papercuts for the guy on this coin, not with a shimmering Second Skin! The human dream of slipping into a form-fit suit capable of more than mere flesh and blood is realized on this beautiful coin, highlighted by an Ultra High Relief. Maybe someday, it’ll be realized in reality, too!


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