Don't Be A Reflection!

Don't Be A Reflection!

dont be a reflection Aug 1, 2022

The typical first mistake made by anyone trying something new is to try to be a reflection of what they think they need to be to succeed.

Let us explain.

Let’s say you joined 7k to buy gold and silver bullion. You’ve been enjoying amazing collectible coins, awesome value, great prices and now you’ve decided to refer 7k to others and become an Associate. You’ve seen our community, you’ve experienced our products, and you’re pumped. But you have no sales experience and you're not a natural ‘salesperson’. To be a part of 7k you have to be able to sell, right?

No, you can relax. To win at 7k, you don't have to be great at Powerpoint presentations or public speaking. All you need is a little courage, kindness, a willingness to make new friends, and the truth.

See, the great thing about us is that we’re not selling some overpriced, perishable product that needs studies just to see if it works. We strive to give everyday people–just like you–access to, and an education about the oldest resources in the world: gold and silver. Because of their finite supply and consistent value, precious metals will always be "worth their weight". And because you’ve seen changes in your life alongside 7k, you already have experience and a connection to the product, which is most of what you need to get started. Go you!

Now, we know it’s intimidating to be a self-starter, and here’s where people tend to fall into what we call 'becoming a reflection’ of success. Oftentimes, we already have a vision in our heads about what a winner looks like, and that’s who we think we need to become in order to be successful. If that sounds like you, stop that. We’re here to tell you: a winner looks like the best version of you.

At 7k, we champion TRUTH over sales tactics. Your experiences as part of the 7k fam will help you to become a champion of truth. Everything that you’re made up of: your strengths, weaknesses, fears, goals, motivation; it’s all enough. You already have the qualities you need to win, we’re just here to show you how to hone and apply them. (Actually, you’re already winning by reading this article! We knew you were one of the good ones.)

Now that you understand that your unique power is your unique experience, let’s talk about sharing that with others. Think about what you love about 7k and why. What has it done for you? Why are you a part of it? What has it taught you? What drives you to get up every morning and work on your business? What has it brought into your life that you didn’t have before? Once you know the answers to these questions, share them! Share them like you would any experience you’re excited about: a new project at work, a dinner with an old friend, or an incredible movie that had you on the edge of your seat. Share your truth in your own words and you will win! Not that everyone will take you up on your offer, but some will. It's as simple as that.

People like ‘real’ and nothing rings as loudly as the truth. That’s why pretending to be someone you’re not–a confident, outspoken, charismatic salesperson, for example–won’t help you…period. Your prospects can smell duplicity from a mile away, especially people who know the real you. Remember: you don’t need to be anything that you’re not, you just need to focus on seeing and being your strengths.

We challenge you to let your truth ring! Share with your friends or family the things you are so glad you’ve learned, the truths that move you to action and the things 7k has done for you. And then of course share your stories with us because we love to hear them. Until next time, 7k fam!


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