Belarus Collectible Coins

Belarus Collectible Coins

belarus Feb 22, 2021

The Bank of Belarus made its first coin in 1996 after becoming a sovereign nation. Over the years it started making more and more low mintage commemorative and collectible coins that the world could now enjoy.

Or could it?

Unlike Perth, Canadian, or other mints that sell their beautiful coins worldwide, the unbelievable coins coming out of Belarus wouldn’t be found crossing an ocean, let alone the country’s border. Finally opening their borders for exports after many years of coin production, the dictator-style government, extreme corruption, and rampant fakes have continued to make it almost impossible to get any coins out of the country. The limited quantities allocated to individuals and a couple of wholesalers in the country don’t help make it easier to buy large amounts for any other market.

There is only one way to get enough genuine coins out of Belarus to allow more than a couple of people to enjoy their unique designs… as special operations team.

The 7k Special Ops Team.

This special team goes to great lengths to seek out, test, and purchase the coins. They then make plans to start moving them out of the country, to avoid any resistance and corruption. Slowly, over time, in very small amounts they move the coins across the now open borders. For 15 years this team has been working on making the relationships necessary to now be able to execute the amount of coins that could normally be purchased from another world mint and arrive in a week has now taken them over 14 months to gather.

And they are just getting started.

Belarus Coin Collection
Discover how our 7k Special Ops team gets highly desirable Belarus coins and see some of the coins available.
See Coins from Belarus!


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