April 2024 Vault Report

April 2024 Vault Report

Apr 1, 2024
7k Vault Report April 2024
7k Vault Report April 2024


"Got Spring Fever? More Like 7kX Fever..."

If you’re with us here in the U.S. you’re probably starting to smell the flowers of springtime. Once again we’ve survived the winter and we’re on to brighter days! For our friends in other parts of the world who are moving into their cold months…good luck and have hope! You’re always welcome to visit us…

Speaking of, we hope you’re all planning to come to 7kX this month! Kick off this season of new possibilities and growth with an amazing event meant to help you learn, grow, and bond together. From Monday, April 29th to Thursday, May 2nd, come to our convention at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas and experience 7k at its best, biggest, boldest event yet! More details about what and who you’ll learn from can be found on pages 5 & 6.


03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins

05 - LAST CALL FOR 7kX: Check out who you'll hear from and what you'll learn at 7kX

07 - RANK UPS: 2/15-3/15

09 - THE WHY OF 7k: A deep dive into the true purpose and mission of 7k

11 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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First Ascent: Mount Everest 2 oz Silver

Mont Saint Michel: 2 oz Silver

Disney Stamp Collection: Cinderella 1 oz Silver

An American Life: John F. Kennedy To The Moon 1/2 oz Silver


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Last Call for 7kX

Check out who you’ll hear from and what you’ll learn at the 2024 Las Vegas convention.

It’s closing time for 7kX, all! By now your tickets should be bought and assigned, hotel rooms booked, and transportation arranged. If you’ve been running in the Gold Rush it’s time to punch the gas and drain your tanks—really give it every drop of energy you’ve got left! Come event time, we’ll top you off.

Still Need Your 7kX Ticket?

If you still want to book a ticket, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over—when the event begins on the 29th. ASAP head to the FAQ section on our website (under the ‘Contact’ heading in the footer) and type ‘7kX ticket’ or ‘convention ticket’ into the search section. You’ll find an FAQ titled ‘How to Buy 7kX Tickets’ which will walk you through the process.

Why Come?

Convention is FUN…but that’s only part of our WHY for putting it on every year. When we all get together the energy we create is electric, and that can do a lot to boost confidence and drive to get out and share the mission. But a bigger part of our WHY is EDUCATION.

You can’t drive a car if you don’t know how, you can’t swim if you were never taught, and even when you believe in something, you can’t share it successfully with others until you understand it yourself. That’s not to say that you can’t go a long way in this business with your personal experience, testimonial, and story—plus those of your teams and leaders—but as you gain momentum, gaining more knowledge can be the extra ‘oomph’ behind your message and can help it resonate more clearly with people.

If you’re not looking to share 7k, if you’re just in it for the Gold and Silver….we see you and we promise there’s still something at convention for you. At 7kX, you’ll learn more about precious metals and hopefully, your trust in us will be reaffirmed as you get to know how our mission centers around helping you. Plus, the benefits of 7k access include tons of other services that we truly want you to understand and use every day.

No matter who you are, what you want, or where you’re coming from, 7k has something for you…and we’ll prove it at convention.

What’s on the Agenda?

Without further ado…let’s take our first look at some of the speakers and topics you can expect to learn from and about this year in Las Vegas at the 2024 7kX convention:

You’ll hear from speakers like…

7k Associate Leaders:

  • Ryan Chamberlin
  • Stanley Cho
  • Wayne Clark
  • Derek French
  • Cheryl Goff
  • Cathy Guzzo
  • Benjamin Heyney
  • Michael Holihan
  • Tony Hubbard
  • Alicia Koffman
  • Chris Latin
  • Markus Leitner
  • Leila Madela
  • Jim Mcclellan
  • Debbie McDonald
  • Ury Melendez
  • Mark Michaud
  • Ann Moller
  • Stephen Nash
  • David Querbach
  • Bob Reed
  • Laura Riddoch
  • Charles Rudibaugh
  • David Smith
  • Toni Taylor
  • Madiba Thompson
  • Kevin Williams
  • Maral Yessayan

7k Partnerships:

  • Tom Holdman of Holdman Studios & the Roots of Humanity Foundation

  • Andy Standish of the Standish Foundation

Corporate Leadership:

  • CEO Jayson Arfmann
  • Founder Josh Anderson
  • Founder Zach Davis
  • Founder Roger Ball
  • Founder Richard Hansen
  • Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Blake Davis
  • Field Director Tim Schmalbeck
  • Field Director Benny Kofe

Our educational breakout sessions will include topics such as…

  • Stackin' Secrets: Building a Solid Strategy with Precious Metals
  • Quick Start, Right Start: Launching Yourself and New Customers To Win
  • Pipeline Powerplay: Simple Steps to Grow Your Prospect Pool
  • Welcome Home: Effective Approach for In Home Wealth Strategies
  • Gold-Backed IRAs, Grading Process, and Healthcare: A Deeper Look into 7k Benefits
  • Market Makers: Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Both Your Warm and Cold Markets
  • Don't be the Tool—Use the Tools: Techy Tools that ANYONE Can Use
  • What's Your Story? Craft Your Story So People Listen
  • Say What?: How to Effectively Start, Continue, and Close a 7k Conversation
  • Leveraging Fake Money and Tackling Taxes: Ideas and Tools to Manage and Leverage Your Money

The Why of 7k
In 2016, four businessmen met in the unassuming town of Ucon, Idaho, sat in the rickety chairs of a dusty diner, and hatched a plan to change the world. Fast-forward eight years, their dream has taken flight: spreading its wings across international borders, planting itself in the hearts of a

Read the article here

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind 2 oz Silver Coin
Piece of Mind…that’s an odd title for an album with artwork of a collared and chained Eddie the zombie on its front cover. For Iron Maiden fans though, peace of mind for the band’s success was immediate because the release of this album won the English heavy metal icons a platinum-plated vinyl record. Long live Iron Maiden, and long rot their mascot Eddie!

IRON MAIDEN: Piece of Mind Silver Note
Thank whoever you worship that this paper-thin silver note is only 2-D, or else Eddy might’ve crawled out and given you a Piece of his Mind! The wicked mascot of England’s hard-core heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, stars here as he appears in the art on the album that won them a Platinum record. Don’t be fooled by his grimace—he’s really happy about it. And you will be too, now that you’ve scored a silver reminder of the greatness of one of the most-excellent bands in heavy metal to date.

ARCHEOLOGY & SYMBOLISM: Antikythera Mechanism 3 oz Partially Gilded Silver Coin
Initially made of bronze, the Antikythera Mechanism is displayed in fine silver with a gold gilding highlight across its gears on this magnificent coin. Until the device was pulled from the wreckage of a Greek ship at the bottom of the ocean, scientists weren't aware that ancient civilizations used the science of gears previous to medieval times, let alone created a 30-geared analog computer. With the ability to calculate future constellations and solar events, the Antikythera Mechanism truly belongs to this collection full of puzzling and fascinating ancient discoveries.

NUMISMATIC ICONS: Arethusa 1/2 gram Gold Coin
What do you do when you’re a beautiful woman and a guy just will not leave you alone? Pray to the Greek goddess Artemis for help! At least that’s what Arethusa, the nymph, did. She ended up being turned into a life-giving source of water for a whole island, which we’re not sure is better…but hey, it’s just lore. Her beauty permeated ancient Greek coinage and this stunning recreation is bringing her story back to life, thousands of years later.

VAN GOGH: Bedroom in Arles 1 oz Silver Coin
Have you ever paused to look around your room and really take stock of what it says about you? Like that hat on the wall—what story does it tell? The color of the drapes or bedsheets—is your favorite or did you have a scheme in mind? Because Van Gogh took a few hours to contemplate and paint his Bedroom in Arles, we now know exactly what it looked like. Digitally printed onto a 1 oz Fine Silver coin, it lives on in perpetuity, telling his story 'til the end of time.


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