7k's AutoSaver Options Present & Future

7k's AutoSaver Options Present & Future

7k Dec 2, 2023

Once in a while, you might stumble across a news article reporting the passing of someone who was very successful within their lifetime, who had assets upon assets by the time of their passing, which they either left to their families or had donated to a museum or charity. If their assets were within the realm of Gold and Silver, you’ll start to note that some of them that fetch a pretty penny are complete collections of coins. (We talked about one of these collections a while back in this Vault Report article about Larry H. Miller’s $25 million USD coin collection, which was donated posthumously to build the second Primary Children’s Hospital in Utah.)

In the 7k Collector’s Certification, our late friend and revered numismatist, Miles Standish says, “There are usually two ways coins come up to auction or for sale...one, complete sets, or two individual, great, great coins. …With the products [offered] at 7k, you can collect both."

Whether or not you’re an expert numismatist like Miles was or an average Joe wondering about Gold, 7k has something of value to offer you. Something that could potentially be written about in a news article about you one day. Actually, we’ve got two offerings: Complete sets of collectible coins, and individual, great, great coins. We have a huge selection of individual collectible and non-collectible coins available to our Customers on our website. We also routinely offer Coin Drops and 7k Select releases, which feature both coins that are part of collections and coins that stand alone. But if it’s whole collections you’re after, you’re gonna want to check out the AutoSaver.

Think about the AutoSaver like you think about your favorite subscription service. You sign up, you choose what you want, and then you set it on autopilot. Once a month, the package hits your doorstep and you trample your kids or pets getting there because that’s your monthly gift, from you to–YOU. The AutoSaver is that, but more. Because what you’re receiving is going to stick around a lot longer than a basket of lotions or oils, edible goodies, or the newest coolest gadgets. What you’re receiving is a piece of real Silver or Gold, intrinsically valuable, that belongs to an entire collection of stunning, shining art. Each one has an extremely limited mintage, usually between 5,000 and 8,000. And the longer you’re on the AutoSaver, the more of these collections you can stack.

7k is one of the only compaies out there offering an automated Gold and Silver collection service—you literally can’t find it anywhere else. Luckily, we’ve got some truly gorgeous, exciting, diverse options for selection. Take a look…

American Inventions

Label ASE Series

The tried and true American Silver Eagle gets a dazzling new look on its reverse with the American Invention Label series: An exclusively 7k collection that explores the many contributions and innovations that were birthed right here in the good ol’ US of A. Included with each Silver ounce issue is the traditional 7k coin card, which highlights the specs of the coin. But with an American Inventions AutoSaver, these cards also include a QR code, which links to a short video that tells the story of how each invention came to be. Learn about how the fundamental freedoms of America have led to the development of some of the most world-changing, life-altering products and processes out there, from fiber optic cables and cell phones to Kevlar and predator drones, and even chocolate chip cookies.

Threads of Light

Gold Notes

Artists beware: You will become at least a little obsessed with the Threads of Light Gold notes. 7k has a treasured partnership with the Utah-based stained glass art shop, Holdman Studios, and through it, we’ve curated a couple of collections of incomparable beauty. The Threads of Light collection is the very first 7k AutoSaver option of Gold notes, and it’s by far the most elegant option we offer. Humanity’s greatest achievements, best moments, and most meritorious qualities, as portrayed in the Roots of Knowledge stained glass masterpiece by Tom Holdman and his worldwide team, are struck onto ultra-thin layers of Gold with the highest resolution colorization, and each one bears the signature of the artist himself. This uniquely 7k collection is a spectacular series that’s a dream to witness and carries with it an uplifting message of hope and joy.

U.S. State Animal

Silver Series

Over the past couple of centuries, each of our United States has adopted an animal that they’ve decided represents them, based on population, popularity, or even an elementary schoolkid vote. The U.S. State Animal Silver Series is made up of 50 beautiful, 1 oz Silver coins that sport the state animals of each American state in highly detailed colorization, plus an Easter egg…a colorized ‘7k’ logo! It’s fun for the whole family when you receive a coin that belongs to this collection, learn about the state animal, and search for the hidden ‘7k’. Just try not to be impressed by the imagery of this 7k-original Silver series…go on, try!

Gold Series

Speaking of state animals…if Gold is your color, then the U.S. State Animal Gold Series is your collection. Even without the colorization of the Silver State Animal series, the level of detail on these Gold coins is flooring, especially when you account for the fact that they’re only a half-gram in weight! Fractional metal never looked so good, and you won’t see anything quite like this collection out there.

If any of our AutoSaver options speak to you, sign up to grab them now because they won’t last forever! But if you can’t, it’s okay, because we’re always coming up with new ideas for future options…Okay, fine, we’ll give you a sneak peek. Up next…

Beauty of the World

Silver Series

Coming to you specially from 7k, an extraordinary collection of the world’s great natural wonders from all seven continents, the Beauty of the World Silver series will not be one you’ll want to miss. Even singularly, each edition will have unmatched levels of colorization and detail. Whether it inspires you to add destinations to your bucket list or simply reminds you to explore the beauty of the natural world around you, this collection has the potential to become one of your favorites in no time at all. Each coin you receive will have you drooling over plane tickets to see their subjects in person.

7k Customers who participate in the AutoSaver program absolutely love it—just ask them! It’s quickly become one of our offered services they are most excited about for its simplicity, dependability, and value. Once-a-month collection of precious metal assets without the need for discipline or stress has transformed our Customers’ mindsets from fearful wondering about Gold and Silver to confident collecting of entire series of Gold and Silver coins. After learning about the options you have at your disposal—as well as those that will be available to you in the future—we hope that you can confidently choose to join the ranks of AutoSaver users and embrace collecting with new optimism and hope for your future.

Disclaimer: Buying, owning, and selling precious metals and numismatic coins carries risk and has legal and tax implications. The price and future value of precious metals and collectibles are based on many factors and are subject to market, economic, and political conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future value and there is a risk of losing money. Consult your own legal, tax and financial advisors before purchasing precious metals or becoming a 7k Associate.


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