7k AutoSaver SmartSelector Explained

7k AutoSaver SmartSelector Explained

smartselector Nov 3, 2021

What Is the Smart Selector and How Does It Work?

One of the benefits that is most used and valued inside the 7k membership is the AutoSaver.

The AutoSaver allows you to have a 7k exclusive collectible coin sent to your door every month without having to think about it.

One of the reasons this program is so powerful is because it is automated. Successful people know that automating certain activities to get them closer to their end wealth goal is necessary.

At 7k, the AutoSaver is one of those automated systems helping tens of thousands of family's stack assets as they look forward to their retirement and legacy. It truly is savings on autopilot.

Currently, inside the AutoSaver program, there are several options of graded collections that you can choose from in both gold and silver.

Many get just one of the options, the one they like the best, and many more can't decide what they like best, so they get multiple.

Now, if you are on the AutoSaver, you may have been wondering why you get the coins in the order you do and why it might be different from someone else.

Let's break it down.

As you can guess, supplying a different collector coin as part of a multi-coin set to a growing membership is no small feat. But it's a challenge we welcome.

One of the messages we would receive most often in the past is, "Why am I getting the same coin I got last month?"

The answer was because when it takes over nine months to produce a new 7k exclusive coin, like the state animal coin, you have to guess nine months in advance what the growth will be and how many coins you need for said future month. If you don't order enough, members will not receive a coin, and too many? Well, if you have multiple months of too many coins, inventory stacks up and prohibits you from having the cash necessary to order more coins for new growth and the next coin. Tough one, eh?

We are a lot of things as a team at 7k, but we are NOT oracles.

As you would guess, matching up the number of specific coins in inventory with the growing number of members wanting coins almost a year in advance doesn't have a high accuracy rate. Also, to make it worse, this model required ordering full mintages of coins at once and hoping it was enough or wouldn't last much longer after the first month.

So, if we ended up with more "Louisiana," "Texas," or "Utah" coins than we needed for the month it was scheduled to go out, we would either have to start on the next coin and keep the extra inventory or keep sending the same coin into the next month. Keeping inventory over time is not a viable business model. So instead of keeping the excess inventory, we would continue sending them the following month until they were gone. Some people enjoyed getting duplicates for various reasons, but most members continued to tell us that they only preferred to receive one of each coin in the collection.

So, the solution? SmartSelector.

With the new SmartSelector technology, instead of just sending one coin type in a series to everyone that wants that collection, the SmartSelector scans your 7k order history and then looks for coins in that collection that 7k has available in inventory that you have not yet received. This new technology makes every effort to reduce duplicates and allows you to maximize your AutoSaver collection.

That said, here are some questions around the SmartSelector you or your teams might have that we will try and clear up for you:

What if I want duplicates?

No problem, you can increase your order frequency to get through the available coins in the collection faster if you choose. Once you have received all available coins in the 7k inventory, the SmartSelector will select and send you a duplicate coin from the available stock.

Can I control what I get every month?

You can control what series you receive, but you cannot control what specific coin you will receive. It will be selected based on what other coins you have already received in the series or collection and what is currently available in 7k's inventory.

How do I know if I have missed any coins in the series so far?

Check 7ktoday.com under the collections tab and then click on your specific collection to find out if any coins are entirely sold out and not available from 7k anymore. If they show "sold out," you can turn to StacknSell.com or other team members to complete your collection. If they do not show "sold out," there is still a good chance you will receive one over time while on the AutoSaver program.

What happens if I don't get the entire series?

Don't fret. While having the entire series is an awesome feat, and could possibly add a little extra value, all of the value does not rest on having every coin in the series. Each coin is valuable standing alone. Many people are just searching for one coin in the series that they like the most. Also, many other people are looking for a specific coin that could complete their set, and it just might be the one you have! Either way, it is a fun game that will help you stack assets without thinking about it.

Pro Tip: If you want to speed up getting as much of the collection as possible, you can order more than once per month!


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