What's My Best Value?

What's My Best Value?

best value Sep 1, 2023

One of the most common questions we see from coin collectors and one that may have even discouraged them from setting up a great offensive strategy to achieve financial freedom in the past is this…

“What assets can I buy that will assure the most bang for my buck? Where are the best values?”

Of course, being with 7k, you probably know that we try to mitigate the need for confusion and concern by ensuring that ALL of our coins have great value. We do stuff like:

  • Send experts out across the world to hunt down rare collectible coins
  • Work alongside the best grading companies out there to provide the graded and ungraded asset options you want
  • Develop relationships with technologically advanced and cutting-edge mints across the globe so that we’re first in line to grab the really desirable coins right off their presses.
  • Hand-pick our favorite collectibles to offer for Coin Drops and 7k Select, and let you know via text and email
  • Keep our relationship with you guys open and honest so that you can trust us when we say we never sell anything that isn’t top-of-the-line artistry, low mintage, highly graded, or with a story that makes people fall in love.

But that’s not all, because we, as coin collectors, are all facing a lack of education inside the gold and silver industry (which is not your fault, by the way. The system was designed that way!) So, today we want to highlight one of the sections on our 7k website you should always check when you’re browsing for something new to add to your stacks.

It’s called Best Value. If you tap on the Products tab right up top on the homepage and look on the left column categories it’s the fourth one down. This is where you’ll find the coins with the very best value on our website.

When we price our coins, we research their market values. Usually, you’ll notice our pricing is right on track with other retailers. Sometimes, though, because of our relationships with wholesalers or other factors, we can offer certain coins at a lesser cost than you’ll see anywhere else on the secondary market! At that point, as soon as these coins hit our website, they have instant equity. Meaning: you’re buying them for less than current market value, which gives you a nice head start on the offensive side of your wealth strategy.

If you’re familiar with Stack & Sell, the handy-dandy and most trusted website to buy, sell, and track your stacks, our Best Value section could be compared to Stack & Sell’s Instant Equity label. It's just one more super-fun, super-useful perk you get for shopping with us as a 7k Member.

So if you’re looking for a quick win by adding a high-demand, low-cost coin to your asset portfolio, Best Value is where you’ll find it. Take a look! We have a great selection of products up on our website: awesome options with instant equity, just waiting to be snatched up by savvy collectors. We don’t expect them to last long, especially now that we’re giving away all our secrets. So…instant equity, anyone? Ready, set, run!


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