What's a "Stack"?

If you’re familiar with gold and silver, you might know the term ‘stackers’. Up until now, it’s been used to describe someone who buys a lot of bullion. They ‘stack’ their assets of good old bullion and it does what it does: appreciates with the price of gold and silver.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with stacking bullion, or as we like to call it, defense, because just like in most team sports, you can’t win without a great
defense. But what about your offense? What’s your offensive strategy? Because as we know, no team wins just by defending their goal. They’ve gotta go after the win with an offensive strategy. And that’s where collectible coins come into play. A collectible is anything that has value because there are less of it than there are people who want it. So a collectible gold or silver coin is one that has added value beyond the metals, because it’s rare, it’s beautiful and significant, and it’s got a great story. And, what do you know? That describes every coin we sell. Almost like we planned it that way…

Our definition of a stack? Any precious metals—offensive AND defensive—that you’re buying in order to secure your future and legacy. Your stack is your game plan, your scorecard, and every move is your call. So…what’s in your stack?

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