What Makes a Coin Collectible?

What Makes a Coin Collectible?

coins Nov 1, 2022

So, there are coins and then there are COINS.

(Just like there is hot or there is HOT HOT or there’s a spider and there is a SPIDER! – the second option being more of whatever it is than the first.)

7k only sells COINS. And what we mean by that is we sell collectible coins. Which brings us to our point, finally…what makes a coin collectible?

On the Monday Night Call on September 12, 2022, one of the questions that our CEO Jayson Arfmann answered was so great we wanted to share his answer again.

(the video is available on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/749753512)

Q: Why are 7k coins so much more expensive than other companies? If I wanted to sell them outside of 7k, I would get a much lower value. Help me understand why 7k is four times the cost of others.

A: Other companies are never going to give you the value that you think you have in your collectible coins. 7k will, because we’ve partnered with Stack-n-Sell (which is open to the entire world, not just 7k Members!) to give you access to the information you need to safely and intelligently buy and sell. Stack-n-Sell will tell you what the secondary market value (or what the market is willing to pay for what you have) is for that coin, so you know what the real worth is. And we’re giving you access to the primary market (the magical place where coins can be bought directly from their makers and where usually only the wealthy and well-connected can play.) Our coins come directly from the mints we have relationships with and go straight to our Members. No more buying from dealers like Ebay or Amazon, praying for the transactions to go through, or selling coins to dealers who try to swindle or lie to you.

So, buying from 7k guarantees that you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck, and that you’ll know exactly how and where to resell that coin at the highest market value if the need arises.

Four factors make our coins high value and collectible:

  1. 7k coins are low mintage and rare - low mintage meaning anything under 10-30,000. Typically, though, our coins’ mintages are under 2,000, placing them closer to the rare category.
  2. They have a story… (for the ‘Cool!’ factor and whatnot)
  3. …and/or historical significance. i.e. 7k’s 5 oz USS Arizona coin holds a genuine piece of the USS Arizona deck and the SS Central America gold dust and silver dimes that 7k exclusively sells was recovered from the actual ship wreck.
  4. They’re beautiful and use high tech minting to create unparalleled artwork. Only one mint in the world uses smartminting ® and smartminting ® reloaded–which are patented, by the way–to mint their coins. 7k is one of the only buyers in the world to have access to the incredible coins produced by them. Examples of this are in High and Ultra High Reliefs, Proofing and Reverse Proofing, Colorization, etc. Just as some artists’ work would fetch a higher price than others, the artwork on these coins make them some of the most desirable in the world.

You could go out and collect coins just for their gold and silver composition. We even offer gold and silver bullion at some of the best prices out there! Collecting that way would build your portfolio, albeit slowly. Or you could collect low mintage, rare, beautiful, high tech, high quality, high potential collectible coins with stories and historical significance that sell themselves. It’s all about what kind of legacy you want to build and leave behind.


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