Threads Of Light

Threads Of Light

threads of light May 4, 2022

In 2021, 7k released seven gold notes inspired by glass artist Tom Holdman’s “Roots of Humanity” project.

This year, we are pleased to introduce a 14 gold note series highlighting the luminescent “Threads of Light” that weave themselves through the crown of Holdman’s “Roots of Knowledge” panels.

These threads show examples of light throughout time in its many forms of human expression: knowledge, truth, courage, love, freedom, revelation, discovery, progression, memory, honor, connection, and hope.

Light is born in each of us. It lives inside us all our lives. We are the torch-bearers for that flame. At times, it can become diminished. At times, it may feel hidden completely. But it’s always there. It is our divinity, soul, and conscience.

Each soul is a thread of light. We work together to knit the tapestry of humanity…We are what hold it all together, breath-taking and worthy in its entirety.

In times when the mass of the human tapestry grows dark with hate, confusion, fear, and doubt, the light that remains becomes increasingly more precious. The knowledge, security, hope, joy, and love in our lives must light our torches. The light we bear is precious, and it must become a beacon of hope and inspiration to others to do the same.

Light illuminates darkness, uncovers truth, and guides the lost.

With every action of courage and kindness, with every pursuit of truth and education, with every endeavor for freedom and agency, light expands.

The more threads that band together, the brighter the light can shine.

Light is essential to life…

Especially the light inside of you.

7k introduces the “Threads of Light” gold note collection, inspired by the iconic stained glass project, Roots of Knowledge created by Tom Holdman.

Only from 7k

Will be added to the Holdman Gold Note AutoSaver in your backoffice starting mid-July.


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