Shipping & Delivery

7k typically ships orders within 48 hours of receipt. 7k deems orders delivered upon shipment, but in extreme circumstances, shipment of numismatic coins may take up to thirty (30) days from payment receipt, depending upon the manner of delivery selected by the customer. 7k Member Support will notify the customer if an order is delayed or back-ordered. Bullion and other precious metal products are delivered within 28 days. The customer is fully responsible for applicable taxes, and shipping and handling charges.

At the time of purchase, 7k offers tracking and signature required options through its carrier(s) (except for Autosavers).

7k requires signature on delivery for shipments with a value over $500 USD.

Customers must notify 7k Customer Support within three (3) business days of the anticipated delivery date if a shipment is lost or damaged in transmit. 7k will make reasonable efforts to locate lost packages, but 7k will not be responsible and will not be liable for packages lost or damaged in transit unless the customer notifies 7k Customer Support within the 3 business days after the anticipated delivery date. With timely notice of lost or damaged shipments, 7k can submit an insurance claim with the carrier, and the customer may be eligible to receive a full refund of the cost of the product(s) or exchange. 7k reserves the right to pursue any insurance claim and seek recovery for any losses for lost or damaged shipments. Customers agree to cooperate with 7k in filing any claim for damaged/lost merchandise in any manner 7k may reasonably request, including the signing of an affidavit stating the circumstances surrounding the damaged/lost merchandise. Once the claim is filed, 7k reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to replace or refund the item.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: 7k will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged shipments if the customer has left instructions with any carriers or delivery services which results in parcels left unattended and without the need for a signature confirmation, or if the carrier has received instructions to leave the package with someone or at an address other than the addressee. This includes but is not limited to a building manager, neighbor, a business mailroom, drop-off location such as mailboxes, post office boxes, the UPS Store, the Military Postal Service, FedEx facilities etc. Additionally, 7k will not assume responsibility for packages that are signed for by apartment/complex building management, a business mailroom, the Military Postal Service or any person(s) that are not the addressee listed on the order.

It is the Customer’s responsibility at checkout to choose the proper shipping option(s) as shown on the website, to ensure the safety of the packages.

Shipping without Signature: Customer can track the package’s location while in transit to its destination. With no signature required, all 7k liability of this order ceases upon successful delivery of the package to the address specified.

Shipping with Signature:  Customer can track the package’s location while in transit to its destination. All 7k liability of this order ceases upon signature given.

Shipment Packaging: When mailing valuable precious metals, discretion and protection are key. Products are securely wrapped in protective packaging, then placed in the shipping parcel along with packing material to prevent the products from shifting during shipping.

Please contact 7k with any questions about our shipping or insurance at

Product Abandonment

Customers and Members must provide 7k with accurate personal contact information for delivery. When products are returned to 7k undeliverable by the carrier, 7k will attempt to contact the customer with the contact information associated with the order, but if 7k is unsuccessful and delivery cannot be made within 30 days from the date the product was returned to 7k, the product will be stored in 7k’s vault while 7k attempts to contact the customer. After 90 days, 7k reserves the right to charge the customer/Member reasonable storage fees for storage of the undeliverable product, in addition to any additional shipping and notification costs incurred in trying to deliver the product. Once storage, shipping, or notification fees equal or exceed the value of the stored products, 7k reserves the right to sell the vaulted product at public auction, consistent with Idaho law, and offset storage expenses and sale costs against sale proceeds, in full satisfaction for unpaid bailment services rendered.

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