Promoting 7k The Right Way

Promoting 7k The Right Way

7k Feb 3, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve become a 7k Associate. What now? Tell your friends about 7k’s curated, graded, low mintage, collectible coins?

Of course.

Share the amazing benefits you’re getting out of your 7k Customer Membership?


Talk about how much money you can make from buying and selling gold and silver?

Um. Nope.

Tell people that gold and silver prices are going to double, so they will invest now?

Wait. Absolutely not! Let’s back up.

We love your passion and enthusiasm! But, as a 7k Associate, you can get into legal trouble and create problems for 7k and thousands of other 7k Associates if you do or say the wrong things. In some cases, even sharing your opinion may be off limits.

“What!? It’s my opinion! What happened to Free Speech?” you might ask.

Here’s the reality: when you have a financial interest in what you’re promoting, your statements, opinions, and testimonials are “commercial speech,” which can be regulated and even banned if it is illegal, false, deceptive, misleading, or could harm consumers.

As a 7k Associate, you have a financial interest in precious metals, because you can earn money through the 7k Share Plan by referring your friends and family to buy 7k memberships and numismatic coins.†

That means your opinions about silver, gold, and 7k are regulated “commercial speech.” Here are a few rules you need to remember:

1. Be Honest.

If you talk about gold and silver, 7k, the 7k business opportunity, or any of the products or services offered by 7k, everything you say must be

  1. True and not misleading or deceptive,
  2. Factual and fully substantiated by credible scientific or statistical evidence, and
  3. Something the typical person can rely on and expect when they do business with you or 7k.

You can always share accurate facts and opinions about the price, quality/grade, quantity/mintage, or origin of 7k’s curated coins and precious metal products, and your customer experience with 7k. You can share the history and stories behind the designs of 7k’s numismatic coins. Always use 7k’s official marketing materials and you should have all you need to know.

2. Don’t Predict or Give (or endorse) Opinions on the Future Value of Gold, Silver, or Collectible Coins.

Physical gold and silver are valuable assets and can go up or down in value over time. You may be tempted to predict future gold or silver prices to persuade people to buy. Don’t do it.

7k Associates cannot claim, suggest, give their opinion, or endorse anybody else’s opinion about the future value or performance of precious metals (e.g., silver or gold) or numismatic coins.

Predictions or opinions about future values are speculative, not guaranteed, and simply cannot be substantiated. Your opinions or predictions may also be construed as implied warranties or guarantees to those who act on your advice. That means you could be personally liable if your predictions don’t come true or for their future losses.

3. When You Discuss Historical Performance Or Values Of Precious Metals, Give Required Disclaimers.

Sometimes, it is OK to discuss the historical performance of precious metals, if the historical data you rely on is factual and from a credible source. HOWEVER, anytime you’re promoting factual information about the current or historical value of precious metals you must always share important disclaimers that

  1. you are “not a financial advisor,”
  2. “past performance is no guarantee of future value,”
  3. “buying and selling precious metals is risky and you can lose money” and
  4. people should “always consult their own financial, tax, and legal advisors.”

4. Don’t Give Financial or Investment Advice.

You aren’t allowed to give financial or investment advice. Under federal and state laws, you must be certified and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give investment advice or provide analysis about securities (stocks, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds, 401k, IRAs) or to offer or sell securities, if you have any direct or indirect economic benefit.

While gold and silver aren’t securities, guidance from the SEC and case law clarifies that: comparing gold and silver to securities like the stock market or traditional IRAs is advice about securities. The SEC staff has explicitly stated, “advice about market trends[,] the selection and retention of other advisors[,] the advantages of investing in securities versus other types of investments (e.g., coins or real estate)[,] providing a selective list of securities . . .[,] and asset allocation advice is advice about securities”) (

This means you cannot compare or contrast the stock market to gold, silver, or collectible coins. You should also never recommend rolling over a traditional 401k or IRA into one backed by precious metals. This is illegal investment advice.

Avoid using words like “invest” or “investment” and never talk about “protecting your retirement.” Instead talk in terms of “acquiring valuable assets,” “purchasing gold and silver,” “building a legacy” and “protecting wealth.”

Compliant Ideas for Sharing 7k or Talking about Gold/Silver:

  • Tell your friends and families about 7k and its products, based on information in official 7k marketing materials.
  • Talk about the history and stories behind the designs on 7k’s coins.
  • Share your opinion about the price, quality/grade, quantity/mintage, or origin of 7k’s curated coins and precious metal products, and about your customer experience with 7k.
  • Don’t make predictions about future prices or value of gold or silver.
  • Share accurate facts about the historical performance of gold and silver, as a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand and which has historically gone up in value over time, as a hedge against inflation. But make sure to tell them that precious metals are still risky and aren’t for everyone. You can lose money and historical performance is no guarantee of future value.
  • Never give financial or investment advice. Don’t compare precious metals to the stock market or traditional IRAs and 401ks.
  • Don’t suggest rolling over a traditional 401k or IRA into one backed by precious metals.
  • Always let them know you’re not a financial advisor and that they should consult their own financial, legal, and tax advisors.
  • Refer interested friends and family to 7k’s official replicated website using your unique 7k Associate link (URL).

Thanks for taking the time, and for working so hard! Always remember, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!


Buying, owning, and selling precious metals and numismatic coins carries risk and has legal and tax implications. The price and future value of precious metals and collectibles are based on many factors and are subject to market, economic, and political conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future value. Consult your own legal, tax and financial advisors before purchasing precious metals or becoming a 7k Associate. Information provided by 7k or available on 7k’s website is for informational purposes only. 7k and 7k Associates are not investment advisors and do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice.


† 7k Associates can earn supplemental income by referring customers to 7k. Referral commissions are based on actual sales made by 7k directly to customers. Results vary and success is not guaranteed and requires time, skill, and hard work. The majority (85%) of those who buy 7k products each month are customers who acquire precious metals and collectible coins for their own collections, and they do not apply to participate in the 7k Share Plan. Median gross earnings for active 7k Associates is $500 per month, with an average of $2,400 per month, excluding taxes and customary business expenses, which vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. For more information on what’s possible, visit


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