Privacy Policy

Your use of 7k’s site and services are subject to 7k’s Privacy Policy, available by clicking here: 7k Privacy Policy

7k does not sell your personal information for monetary compensation. However, 7k does collect data from its customers to facilitate the provision of services and sale of products to you as our valued customer. 7k and its affiliates and third-party vendors may use such information to contact you regarding your orders, to share important news and promotional information, to conduct required Know Your Customer diligence, to conduct business analytics, and for other legally required or allowable purposes.

Our website and those of our partners may collect data through cookies for analytics and in order to personalize your experience, including to serve you targeted ads and content. You can disallow these cookies, and you may still see advertising on our site and elsewhere online, but the advertisements may be less relevant to you.

Under certain circumstances, the collection of personal information through these cookies may be considered a “sale” or “sharing” for cross-contextual behavioral advertising under California law, or “targeted advertising” under Virginia law. You can choose not to allow 7k to disclose your information through certain types of digital trackers or "cookies" by changing the cookie settings on your browser or device.

Click the link below to read the 7k Privacy Policy in full.

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