Precious Metal Risks


7k is an online retailer of precious metals, offering gold and silver bullion, numismatic (collectible) coins, and other valuable collectibles to coin enthusiasts and collectors around the world. 7k does not have (nor authorize the sale of its products at) any physical retail location. 7k gives both the discerning collector and the average consumer easy access to precious metals and modern collectible coins at competitive prices and with no minimums or maximums.

7k and 7k Associates are not investment advisors and do not offer investment, tax, or legal advice.  Consult your own legal, tax and financial advisors before purchasing precious metals or becoming a 7k Associate.

Buying, owning, and selling precious metals and numismatic coins carries risk and has legal and tax implications. The price and future value of precious metals and collectibles are based on many factors and are subject to market, economic, and political conditions. Past performance is no guarantee of future value and you can lose money.

7k offers physical gold and silver bullion that is IRA-eligible. IRAs backed by precious metals are available from third-party providers. 7k does not offer IRA services and is not an IRA custodian.


The retail price of precious metal bullion is based on the current market “spot price” for that particular metal type, plus a market “premium.” Premiums range from 2.5% to 15%, depending on market conditions and the quantity and type of metal purchased. Offers for Bullion buyback are based on the current market “buyback” price, which means that to break even on the resale of bullion, the buyback price must increase by at least the original premium paid.

Further, buyers and sellers of physical precious metal can lose money if current buyback price is less than their original retail purchase price (i.e., original spot price plus premium), together with any applicable storage or transaction fees. For example, a buyer of precious metal will likely lose money if they quickly buy and sell bullion before the buyback price exceeds the original purchase price plus any applicable taxes and fees. The value of physical precious metals fluctuates and may rise or fall over time.

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