Our Teams

7k Metals, LLC ("7k") is an online retailer of precious metals, offering gold and silver bullion, numismatic (collectible) coins, and other valuable collectibles to coin enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

Organized in Idaho in 2016 by its founders, Josh Anderson, Roger Ball, Zach Davis, and Richard Hansen, 7k gives both the discerning collector and the average consumer easy access to precious metals and modern collectible coins at competitive prices and with no minimums or maximums. 7k does not have (nor authorize the sale of its products at) any physical retail location.

The goal of 7k’s disruptive innovation model is to create a new market and value network in the precious metal, collectible coin, and network marketing industries, and to break down barriers and open doors to make these markets more accessible, affordable, and fair to the average consumer.

7k’s mission is to create and empower generations of informed collectors with a convenient and affordable platform to purchase precious metals and collectibles, acquire and preserve wealth, and leave a lasting legacy.

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