October 2023 Vault Report

October 2023 Vault Report

Oct 1, 2023
October 2023 Vault Report
October 2023 Vault Report


Seasons change and so too must our perspectives. Everything’s about to get a whole lot chillier outside for most of us, which means that unless you’re a skiing, snowboarding, snow-machining daredevil, inside activities are about to become your best friends. And here at 7k, we’ve got those in spades! You could…

  • Check out our Vimeo page and catch up on the latest Wealth Strategies presenters, American Invention stories, or Monday Night Corporate Updates.
  • Swing by 7k Today to read up on upcoming projects we’re hard at work on or to find out which coin drops are happening soon.
  • Log in to your Back Office and hit the Education Center for a brush-up on your Business Builder’s Academy or Collector’s Certification.
  • And if all else fails, jump on a call with some of your 7k friends and compare collectibles while you share your goals for the upcoming season.

Remember: Fun is everywhere if you know what you’re looking for and you’re dedicated to finding it! All you need is a little imagination and a new perspective. Have FUN this fall, 7k!


03 - COIN DROP: Variety Drop

05 - THE FINAL CHAPTER: JFK and the Standish Foundation

07 - RANK ADVANCEMENTS: 8/15 - 9/15

09 - NGCX: A Modern Grading System

11 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love

13 - #STACKSONSTACKS: Some epic stacks!


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Manga Four Seasons: Autumn 1 oz Silver

Algorithm: Water & Earth 2 oz Silver

7 Summits: Mt. Vinson 5 oz Silver

An American Life: Theodore Roosevelt 2 oz Silver

Great Micromosaics: Five Ladies 5 oz Silver

Tiffany Art: St. Pietro 5 oz Gold

Birds of Prey: Barn Owl 1 oz Silver


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JFK and the Standish Foundation

The first of the final chapter of a very notable coin series is hitting our website on a very notable date, related to a family who has inarguably influenced American history in a way that few others have. Coincidentally, this collection was the brainchild of a family who have influenced 7k in a way few others have.

We proudly announce that the ‘An American Life’ collection—a 7k exclusive, 7k signature coin series exploring the lives of distinguished American presidents, icons, and heroes—will continue and end with President John F. Kennedy. Each produced issue will contain ounces of fine Silver with special colorization achieved through high-tech minting processes. The impeccable artistry on each coin will showcase various aspects of American President John F. Kennedy, his life, and his beautiful family, including Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy and their beloved children, John John and Caroline.

As many of our 7k Fam know, the ‘An American Life’ series was conceptualized and designed by numismatic icon Miles Standish. Tragically, our friend Miles passed away before this next chapter in the collection’s release, but his designs were completed before his death. Nine coins dedicated to JFK’s legacy are planned to be released, including 6 half-ounce Silver coins depicting various attributes to his life and presidency, as well as a 1, a 2, and a 5 oz silver coin with more detailed, artistic visuals and the incorporated initials ‘MS’ for the artist himself—Miles Standish.

As long as this series has been going—through Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and now JFK—7k has dedicated a portion of the revenue from each coin sold to the Standish Foundation for Children, founded and led by Miles’s wife, Andy Standish. This nonprofit, charitable organization is doing imperative work to educate, supply, and support hospitals and healthcare workers in their treatment of children with diseases across the globe. Through their efforts, Andy and her organization have helped over 800,000 children worldwide to date, and have set their goal to 1 million children influenced by 2025. We admire the care and love she and her team show to the children of the world and cherish the opportunity to be a small part of that change, thanks to the support and funds offered by our Members.

Each release of JFK-inspired coins will do exactly as the rest of the ‘An American Life’ collection has in raising funds to support the Standish Foundation. The first issue will drop on November 22nd of this year, 2023, in memory of the date of the assassination of President JFK in Dallas, Texas, 1963. Well-loved by the American public, he and his family remain in our memories.

As for the future of 7k’s donations via specific collections or coin sales to the Standish Foundation…will the nine JFK coins be the last? At this time, we can’t say with certainty. What we can affirm is our overwhelming desire to continue to provide support to the Standish Foundation’s worthy goals. How we will accomplish this in the future is yet in the works, but we promise we are doing everything we can to continue with projects that honor the memory of Miles and support his family’s cause.

We thank all of you for the love and support shown for the Standish family and Foundation. Rest easy knowing that Miles’s legacy is secure here at 7k, and we will not forget him and his contributions to us and the rest of the coin world. Just as his work has valiantly remembered American heroes, we remember him as a significant member of our 7k family.

NGCX: A Modern Collectible Coin 10-Point Grading System
If you’re an avid collector of anything—from superhero comic books and Pokemon or baseball trading cards to vintage printed magazines or movie paraphernalia—you may be familiar with a 10-point condition grade most services use to ascertain the quality of collectibles. From 1 to 10, if you take

Read the article here...

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

MASTER OF ART: Claude Monet 2 oz
The subject of this stunning 2 oz silver coin earned his spot as a ‘Master of Art’ because he understood the value of repetition toward mastery. Claude Monet painted the same subjects over and over just to understand how light and color are effected by their atmosphere. There are over 250 Monet oil paintings of water lilies alone, and today, they’re a cherished part of a hard-earned legacy. Just like this coin.

SOLAR SYSTEM: Saturn 17 grams
The second-largest planet in our solar system sits in the palm of your hand, while the real thing is as large as more than nine Earths lined up in a row. How do we know? A little spacecraft called Cassini. For thirteen years she studied and photographed the ringed gas giant until her mission ended. Cassini was sent into the heart of Saturn and captured one last dazzling image of the ‘Jewel of the Universe’ before she burned up in the planet’s atmosphere. For science!

HOLIDAY ORNAMENT: Snowflake Star 2 oz
You know what they say--when you make a wish on a shooting star, it might just come true. This star is even better... it's a holiday ornament, too! Sparkling in silver, complete with glittering crystal inserts and a hole in the top-most point, this star can hang from a tree, makes a gorgeous holiday present, AND it's easy on the eyes.

JASON AND CHIRON: Argonauts 2 oz Silver
The Greek mythology involving Jason and the Argonauts typically features thrilling heroics over ocean and land to accomplish a complex series of impossible tasks assigned by king or god. Seriously, one of these guys told Jason to plow a field using fire-breathing cows and plant it with dragon teeth from a dragon who never sleeps. For him and his band of heroes, warriors, and demigods, though? Psht...piece of cake.

SILVERLAND: The Wave 2 oz
Don’t you just want to dip your fingers into the surface of this coin and create a ripple? The Silverland collection never disappoints. The Wave is the second addition to this series and unlike the sharp edges and corners of the first coin, this one ebbs and flows with the serenity of a glassy pool of cool water. If you look closely, you might even be able to see your reflection!

HOLIDAY ORNAMENT: Snowflake Star 1 oz Gilded Silver
Gilded in gold--kind of makes you want to reach for the stars, huh? This stunning star coin's uses don't end at reminding you to shoot for greatness! With radiant crystal inserts and a hanging hole in its top point, it makes a truly exquisite holiday ornament, present, or charm.


There's nothing we love more than showing off our members who are working hard and stacking assets like a boss. This month, we're proud to be cheering on Joseph Latin and Kelly Newbolt. Congratulations on your stacks, and keep up the incredible work!

"Our Set is Complete. 50 State Animal Series."
Joseph Latin

"So thankful for our 7k family that has provided for Cecille and I. Meaningful friends and the opportunity to build a legacy."
Kelly Newbolt

Got #stacksonstacks?

We want to see 'em!
We love to see our members' coin collections! Whether you're just getting started with numismatics or have literal #stacksonstacksonstacks, we're so excited for you to build your legacy with coins!

We'll keep featuring stacks we see on the 7k Exclusive Facebook group, so keep on sharing for a chance to be featured! Time to show off those #stacksonstacks!


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