Larry H. Miller's Coin Collection

Larry H. Miller's Coin Collection

larry h. miller Nov 1, 2022

Larry H. Miller’s $25 Million Coin Collection Caring For Kids

How cool would it be to be able to give your kids and grandkids $25 million when you die? On February 20th, 2009, Utah’s well known businessman and owner of the Utah Jazz, Larry H. Miller passed away and in his will were instructions for the sale of his 1600-piece rare coin collection valued at over $25 million. His intent was to leave it as part of his hard-earned  inheritance to his family. His wife, philanthropist and businesswoman, Gail Miller, had a difficult time parting with a reminder of her late husband, but recently decided to fulfill his wish…with a twist.

In 2020, the Millers donated $50 million–at least half of which is coming directly from the auction of the coin collection–to support the construction of a second Intermountain Healthcare Primary Children’s Hospital, to be located in Lehi, Utah and opened in 2023. The Salt Lake City Primary Children’s Hospital branch provides service to 100,000 children every year throughout the Intermountain West. Donations and fundraising events fuel their efforts to diagnose and treat their patients, and the Millers’ contribution is supporting their efforts in a way that will provide superb care to hundreds of thousands more children and their families.

What an amazing legacy to leave! Mr. Miller’s dedication to building his collection created wealth that will go on to save countless lives in the future. Some of the coins included in his collection were an 1804 draped bust silver dollar, a 1794 flowing hair silver dollar, and a near mint set of circulated Morgan silver dollars. As cool as those coins are, how cool is it that they’re going to be the source of so much healing, joy, and peace for little ones and their families? Props from us to the Millers’ for their charitable contribution and the lasting legacy they’ve built with the power of collectible coins.


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