John F Kennedy 2 oz Silver Coin

John F Kennedy 2 oz Silver Coin

jfk Jun 28, 2024

1,036 days. John F. Kennedy served as the 35th President of the United States of America for 1,036 days. In that time, he mediated the Cuban Missile Crisis, negotiated the end of the Cold War, encouraged American advancement in the Space Race, advocated for Civil Rights, and established the Peace Corps. Through it all, he still found time to spend with his beautiful family. On this Miles Standish-designed 2 oz Silver coin by 7k Metals, minted just 1,036 times, the Kennedys are honored with a colorized recreation of a famous family portrait.
…An American Icon…
…An American Hero…
…An American Life…
…Only from 7k.

Watch this site and your emails next week for the Coin Drop announcement, 7k Fam!


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