Income Disclosures


The income statistics represented are for all 7k Associates that have participated in the 7k Share Plan during the period of January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

The majority (85%) of those who buy 7k products each month are simply customers who love our products and are not participating in the 7k Share Plan. Of those who decided to build a 7k business, the overall average monthly income earned during the income period was over $2,216 and the overall median annual income earned during the income period was $500.

The data in this disclosure refers to gross income (total income before expenses) and does not include the Associate’s regular and customary expenses of operating a business. These expenses would be a reduction of profits ultimately earned by each Associate.

Qualifying for a rank within the 7k Share Plan unlocks the potential to earn up to specified amounts of income assigned to each rank but does not guarantee that an Associate will earn the amount of income correlated with that rank. Any guarantees of achieving certain ranks, earning income, or earning specific amounts of income are misleading and prohibited. The potential to earn income within the 7k Share Plan varies based on each individual and is contingent upon many factors, including but not limited to; diligent & consistent effort, determination, leadership skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

The information provided in this disclosure represents past results of Associates in the 7k Share Plan and does not guarantee that participants will achieve these same results.

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