How to Cancel

A Member may cancel their account at any time, for any reason by emailing Customer Support at, by writing 7k at its principal business address of:
3640 S Yellowstone Hwy
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Cancelation will take effect starting from the date it was received at the Corporate Office. The email or written notice must include the 7k Member’s signature, printed name, address, and 7k Member I.D. Number.

Following a cancellation or non-renewal of a 7k Membership, for any reason (a “cancellation”), the former 7k Member shall lose and forfeit all rights and claims to the benefits and services provided to 7k Members or 7k Associates (if applicable).

A benefit of being a 7k Member is a license to use soundmoney® wallet and private vaulting services. If a Member cancels or fails to renew their Membership, or if a Membership is terminated by 7k, the Member will be allowed to withdraw and request delivery of assets held by these services. 7k will make reasonable attempts to notify the Member that their abilities to use these services have ended. 7k will also notify the Member at the time of termination, that the Member will be charged storage fees on a monthly basis for storing Member assets in soundmoney® wallet and its related private vaulting service, until they are removed from these services.

7k reserves the right to deduct and offset any storage fees and costs resulting from a member’s assets being stored after cancellation of the Membership. If the Member does not respond to requests to retrieve the Member’s assets from the services after 90 days from the date of cancellation, the assets will be considered abandoned. Any unpaid storage fees and related costs will be deducted monthly from the balance held in the soundmoney® wallet.

7k reserves the right to terminate any and all 7k Memberships and accounts upon thirty (30) days written notice in the event that it elects to cease business operations or dissolve as a corporate entity.

Cancellation of Autosaver

7k Members may modify or cancel their Autosaver at any time. Requests to modify or cancel an Autosaver can be processed entirely online through the 7k Back Office (by deleting the Autosaver or toggling the Autosaver to "off"), or by emailing 7k Member Support.

IMPORANT NOTE: Cancellation of an Autosaver, alone, does not affect the status of a 7k Membership but could affect a 7k Associate's qualification for commissions under the 7k Share Plan. Only cancellation of a 7k Membership will automatically result in cancellation of a 7k Autosaver.


New 7k Members may cancel their Membership for a full refund if cancellation and refund request is received by 7k within the time periods below:

  • Within 3 business days of the date of purchase for residents of the United States, Mexico, and Singapore, (except Residents of Alaska have 5 business days, and residents of North Dakota age 65 and older have 15 business days);
  • Within 5 business days of the date of purchase for residents of Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore;
  • Within 10 calendar days of the date of purchase for residents of Canada;
  • Within 14 calendar days of the date of delivery for residents of the United Kingdom or the European Union.

Full Refund within Statutory Rescission Period. Membership cancellations received within three (3) days of purchase (or within the applicable "rescission" or "cooling off" period provided by law) are eligible for a full refund of the Membership purchase price, less any bank fees, credit card charges and other transactional fees imposed by third-parties, which are non-refundable.

NOTE: 7k may incur actual cost for fees paid to third parties at the time a membership is purchased. Therefore, refunds for cancelled Memberships cannot be prorated. That is, cancellation of a Membership after the rescission period will not result in a partial or prorated refund.

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