February 2024 Vault Report

February 2024 Vault Report

Feb 1, 2024
7k Vault Report February 2024
7k Vault Report February 2024

Share the Love for Valentine’s Day!

How many of you can relate: You stumble onto a new interest or hobby—maybe it’s pickleball, maybe it’s gardening, could be hot yoga or even building Batman-themed Lego sets. Whatever it is…what comes right after the discovery? Excitement! Bubbling, white-hot excitement that wants to burst out wherever and whenever it can! Any chance you get, you’re talking about the thing that’s breathing new life into your world, and when you find someone who can relate or is willing to listen, you feel like you just met your best friend.

When you talk about what you love, you put more love out into the world.

In the month of February, we’re ‘Sharing the Love’ of collectible coins to connect with new friends. Remember how we used to give out paper Valentines in school? Well we’re throwing it back to the good old days, but this time we’re ditching the chalky ‘Be Mine’ candy hearts and giving out curated 7k ‘Silver-grams’ to share the love of collecting real Gold and Silver coins! And the best thing about collectible coins is that they come with all types of designs and stories spanning every interest out there…there’s something for everyone!

During February, for each Buffalo 1/10 oz Silver Round ($6.24 USD) you order, you’ll get a Silver-gram to go along with it. Attach the coin, give the gift, and let a special video link do all the talking. It’ll explain your love for collectible coins and where to go to find their very own. Get a conversation started, and just interact with the people who really want to love what you do—nothing sappy or romantic, just good old-fashioned sharing. Put more love out in the world this Valentine’s Day, 7k!



03 - COIN DROP: Recently Dropped Coins

05 - GOLD RUSH 2024: Join the Charge and Get to Know Onboarding

07 - RANK UPS: 12/15-1/15

11 - FOR THE LOVE OF SOUND MONEY: All up in the season of love!

15 - 7k SELECT: Coins and Stories We Love!


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Disney Stamp Collection: Peter Pan 1 oz Silver

Archeology & Symbolism: Vairochana Buddha Antiqued 3 oz Silver

Camouflage of Nature: Zebra 3 oz Silver

An American Life: John F. Kennedy John & Jackie 1/2 oz Silver

Wild Mongolia: Magnificent Falcon 1 oz Silver

Real Heroes: Coast Guard 3 oz Silver


1 - Create a new text message.
2 - Enter your country code in the "to" field.
3 - Send "7k" as the body of the message.

Country Codes

USA: 8332099777
CANADA: 8332099777
AUSTRALIA: 61480088229
U.K.: 4474911663966
SINGAPORE: 6582400304
IRELAND: 353861801668
MEXICO: 45578

*Normal rates based on your individual plan may apply, but no additional international costs will be incurred.

Once complete, you will receive an automatic text reply welcoming you!

Make sure to act quickly when the text messages come in so you can take advantage of the Coin Drops. Good luck!

Gold Rush: Join the Charge and Get to Know Onboarding

We’re one month into the 2024 Gold Rush, y’all! The contest is off to a fast-paced start, especially since the launch of our Germany, Switzerland, and Austria branches—those folks move FAST! They’re freshly fueled by the excitement of joining 7k and we love to see how quickly they’re getting out and sharing with people around them. Thank you all for inspiring us with your hard work and dedication to the 7k mission!

Our new European friends are currently dominating the scoreboards—way to go, guys!—but there are runners from all branches of our 7k Fam that are out there fighting for a top spot and we’re betting they’re not going down easy. When we’re giving out prizes at 7kX in April—including a custom-wrapped 2024 Ford Mustang for the individual with the most points, don’t forget—we want to see even more of you winning! If you haven’t started or missed the deadline to get a team together, there’s still plenty of time to get to work and pull ahead. That’s the beautiful thing about contests with 7k…anyone can win. In fact, you don’t even have to beat out anybody to win free Gold this year—you can run simply against yourself and earn a certain amount of points! All you gotta do is get out and give it a shot. There’s no telling what could happen…Believe in the best case scenario, we dare you!

Besides the prizes—the Mustang, stacks of Gold, convention tickets and expense credits, and rare, collectible coins—there are a lot of other reasons to run in the Gold Rush challenge this year. Look…there’s no denying that the past few years have been pretty rough on our world community. Every person in it has experienced some fear and hopelessness at one point or another. But coming into 2024, we’re sensing a shift in the vibe. We can’t speak for you all, but we’re noticing a theme of resilience rising around us, like people are tired of feeling helpless and are ready for a change. It seems to us that there are more people who are resolved to create their own happiness this year and take part in creating solutions rather than problems for the world. There’s plenty of bad still happening, but we’re encouraged by the amount of good we see every day. Hopefully you’re seeing this trend in your part of the world, too.

This is an important time for each of us. Not only do we have a chance to impact a lot of lives right now, this seems to be a time when many people are open to new ideas and solutions. They’re looking, they’re hoping…we just need to deliver. No opportunity waits forever. This year could hold more of the same struggles we’ve been seeing for a while. But right now, people are primed for our message, we have products and opportunities that they need, and our efforts to share them will have the greatest real-world impact on the most people. We really believe that. Join the charge in the Gold Rush 2024!

New Customer Onboarding Process: A Refresher

We’re dedicated to sharing the 7k message far and wide during Gold Rush, and if you’re getting into it you’re probably picking up new Customers and Associates who are eager to dive in. But your job as their enroller isn’t just to introduce them to 7k and go on your way—that’d be like welcoming someone into your house and then bolting down the hallway without another word. You’ve got to show them around, give them the tour! Make them feel at home.

We realize that since some of you have been with us for a while though, you may not remember what our side of the onboarding process for a new Customer looks like. We get it—you don’t want to hit them with the same info if we’re giving it to them, too. And we have made some adjustments recently to help new people AND you, our Associates, know exactly what to do when a new person comes into 7k.

Upon signing up for a 7k Customer Access Option, new Customers will receive:

  • A piece of free Silver or a collectible coin, depending on which Customer Access Option they signed up with.
  • The current month’s Vault Report.
  • A printed welcome letter from 7k CEO Mr. Jayson Arfmann explaining a little bit about who we are and what we do.
  • Small Member Benefits cards letting them know how each benefit works.
  • A Wealth Systems booklet.
  • A five-day email campaign prompting them to complete training in their Back Office, including the Onboarding and QuickStart trainings, Buyer’s Certification, Collector’s Certification, and Maximizing the 7k Wealth Systems.

As an enroller, you have a responsibility to assist your new people with any questions they might run into as they become familiar with the 7k organization. We do our best to mitigate confusion by providing lots of education and training materials, but we rely on all of you to really help our new Customers feel at home and welcome in the community. You’re doing a great job, by the way! Just keep in mind that the best thing you can do for each person you bring into the company is encourage them to complete the training in their Training Center. Help them to understand that once they finish these critical first steps, they’ll feel even more confident purchasing Gold and Silver through 7k, and sharing 7k with others if they choose to do so.

Thank you to those of you who are participating in the Gold Rush contest this year! We are so excited to see what happens for you and your businesses this year as a result of the heavy lifting you’re doing right now at the beginning of 2024. Thank you for believing in yourselves and our mission enough to do this thing. We’re on your side, rooting for your success, and you better believe…we believe in you!

For the Love of Sound Money

It’s February, 7k…you know what that means…we’re about to get all up in the season of LOVE! This is an opportunity to show love to the people who make our lives better just by being in them. That said…We 💗 you, 7k Fam!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to take a moment to reflect on why we’re all here together. Two very special someones have been at the heart of our community since day one…sound money! AKA Gold and Silver. As 7kers, precious metals have an incredible impact on our daily lives by uniting our community, helping us look after and forward to our futures, and creating legacies that excite and motivate us. So let’s celebrate them this month! We’ll get the ball rolling with a little list we put together…

We Love Sound Money Because…

💗 They’re from out of this world! Literally! In 2017 the elusive origins of Gold and Silver became known. A well-aimed telescope watched the death of a star in a supernova and discovered that the powerful explosion was to blame for the creation of the yellow and gray metals! Asteroids generated from a star’s husk become impacted with precious metals and are sent hurtling through space. Scientists now believe that’s how Gold and Silver came to Earth…by crashlanding here millions of years ago! Eventually, early humans stumbled onto them and the shiny metals became valuable resources. Even then, humanity innately knew how precious Gold and Silver were…

💗 They can tell us a thing or two about human history! Gold and Silver have been put to good use by civilizations for thousands upon thousands of years. Historically, they’ve been used for money, water purifying, teeth strengthening, art, temple adornment, jewelry for royalty, and even medical instruments. Thanks to their longevity, surviving examples of ancient Gold and Silver uses have led us to maintain and advance their participation in many of the same fields and beyond! They’ve kept knowledge alive for millennia, providing a unique connection to our past, but they’ve also been an invaluable tool in building our future…

💗 They’ve fueled our progression into an advanced, technological age! Silver is used in nearly every technology we have today because it's the king of conductivity, both heat and electric currents—if something has a button or a screen, chances are Silver’s in there somewhere. Gold is one of the most durable metals in the world; stretch it, beat it, or heat it and its functionality will remain intact. Precious metals don’t just look pretty on the face of a collectible coin or in the band of a ring; they’re used in space travel, medicine, and nearly all modern technologies that make our lives so nice and convenient, from the phones in our hands to the cars that we drive.

So in their long history, Gold and Silver have beaten all odds just to be here, taught us about our ancestors, and allowed us to unlock technological abilities on par with those in sci-fi movies. But to the people of 7k, they play an even more crucial role as sound money. They help us hedge against inflation, give us more peace through uncertain economic times, and give us the ability to create meaningful legacies. We don’t have to rely on volatile fiat currencies for our futures…we can build them confidently instead. We love sound money…especially their role in helping bring about the digital age allowing us to partner with soundmoney®!

We Love soundmoney® Because…

  • It’s opening the door to more precious metal ownership by providing the fractional buying of Gold and Silver in any amount of USD beginning with $1.
  • It solves the industry challenge of liquidity by presenting a quick and easy way to convert metals back into cash by offering an online, streamlined process to request soundmoney® to buyback your holdings.
  • It gives 7k Customers vaulting storage credits for up to $50,000 USD of stored asset value at the private vault of soundmoney®’s trusted partner company, VaultMax.
  • Metals bought through soundmoney® are physically stored in a secure, insured private vault with weekly audits to provide added peace of mind.
  • At any time, soundmoney® account holders can easily submit a request to soundmoney® to send stored metals to their homes.

In other words, trading money for precious metals has never been easier since 2018. The launch of soundmoney® introduced unprecedented availability to Gold and Silver by establishing the world’s best platform to buy metals in any fractional denomination desired. With $1, anyone can start their journey to become a precious metals owner and liquidate just as easily. soundmoney® looks at the challenges that face the Gold and Silver industry like, ‘Nah. Not with me.’ It’s a love letter to the world, carrying the message that people can have hope for the future and this is one way to find it.

When you’re celebrating the love in your life this month, remember your 7k Fam…we love you! Whatever reason you joined us, we’re glad you’re here. We hope that the sound money you collect with 7k brings you prosperity. Should you ever choose to share your love of Gold and Silver, may you find deeper connections, awesome friendships, and great success!

Happy Valentine’s Day, 7k!

soundmoney® is a registered trademark of Sound Money, LLC, a third-party digital platform to buy and sell physical gold and silver bullion and to monitor and manage private, non-segregated vault holdings, giving users the ability to quickly liquidate or take physical possession. Stored Value transferred to soundmoney® to make purchases are subject to daily limits and are not FDIC insured. Vaulted holdings tracked by soundmoney® are stored in a participating third-party vault, under separate contract. Access to soundmoney® is included with an active 7k preferred customer membership.
VaultMax is a trademark of VaultMax, LLC, a third-party affiliate of Sound Money, LLC. Vaulted metals are subject to a separate vault custody agreement with VaultMax. See terms and conditions for details.
Fractional ounces of precious metals are stored in fungible, raw form (granules, shot, or flakes) and can be shipped in raw form, liquidated, or customers can purchase up to a full ounce to request a whole-ounce disbursement.

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

SEA BATTLES: Battle of Midway 2 oz Silver Coin
Spin the propeller on this special 2 oz Silver coin while you study a scene from the WWII Battle of Midway, when Japanese and U.S. forces collided in the air and on the sea in one of the most influential Sea Battles in history! The U.S. Navy decrypted Japanese messages and successfully defended an Allied base on the Island of Midway in June of 1942 in a 3-day battle that turned the tide of the war in the Allies’ favor.

MANGA FOUR SEASONS: Spring 1 oz Silver Coin
Cherry blossoms: the defining characteristic of spring in Japan! The cute Manga girl on this 1 oz silver coin is ready to get back outdoors after a long winter. Is she headed north to hit the slopes for some spring skiing? Or will she spend her day ogling the cherry blossoms? The cool part about this Manga story is you get to tell it!

MONT SAINT MICHEL: 50 gram Copper Coin
On 50 grams of Fine Copper with an Antique Finish quality, Mont-Saint-Michel is alive in miniature on this stunning collectible coin. See how the incredible Gothic abbey rises out of the sparkling bay of Normandy, just as it does in life as a UNESCO World Heritage site? 1,000 years later, we still don’t fully understand how the builders were able to construct such a magnificent abbey on a foundation of quicksand while battling the ocean waves. What a marvel!

BIG CITY LIGHTS: Sydney 1/2 gram Gold Coin
G’day from Sydney! This gold edition of Big City Lights shows off the city that might come to mind first when you think of Australia, either because you saw Finding Nemo or because of the fame of the massive, UNESCO World Heritage Site Sydney Opera House. Sydney is home to some 5 million Aussies, most of whom are immigrants to the continent. A multicultural mixing pot, Sydney’s a city to see, day or night.


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