Easter & Mother's Day Jewelry

Easter & Mother's Day Jewelry

jewelry Apr 1, 2022

Have you seen the Jewelry section of 7kmetals.com lately? We wanted to make sure our members have lots of options to choose from for upcoming holiday gifts and treasures. All of our jewelry is always made from real precious metals. We vet them so you can purchase from a trusted source. Just like our coins. No costume junk here! These are heirloom pieces that can be worn for years and handed down.

Here's a closer look at some of the pieces to choose from:

Easter Crosses in Gold & Silver

Here's a two-sided cross necklace with a scripture on the back!

Silver cross necklace with scripture engraving
Silver cross necklace with scripture engraving

And for Mother's Day, some gorgeous pieces she'll love:

But Wait... There's More!

We know many of you can't get enough coins. Obviously! For all of you, we have this amazing set of Zodiac Sign Coin Pendants. They include a bezel, but not the chain. Customize it to your heart's desire!

As you can see we're really stepping up our Jewelry game here at 7k! Let us know what you think of these over on the 7kexclusive group on Facebook.


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