Collectible Coins: Piquing Interest Through Social Media

Collectible Coins: Piquing Interest Through Social Media

collectible Dec 1, 2023

Love it or hate it, by 2023, we all know that social media is an invaluable tool for business-building. And because 7k’s business centers around drop-dead gorgeous collectible coins and aesthetic, shining Gold and Silver, we’ve got an advantage to press on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! As a 7k Customer, your stacks are made up of lustrous, gleaming treasures with fascinating stories, just begging to be shared across your socials. They’re the ultimate tool to pique people’s interest and get them curious about what you do.

In order to share collectible coins effectively, though, there’s some numismatic terminology you might want to become familiar with. Not all coins are created equally, you know. Some are struck using certain application processes (like Proof coins) or treated with special enhancements (like Finishes) to make them more desirable or eye-catching than others, especially the high-quality, rare collectibles that 7k offers. So before you start sharing your collectible coins with social media audiences, it might help to get to know the special features of a collectible coin yourself. Let’s dig in…

Special Features of a Collectible Coin

01 - Reliefs –

Relief is the term we use when the design on the face of a coin rises above its rim. It literally pops off. A Relief is like the siren song of collectible coins; it makes the design sing and transfixes the viewer. There are High Reliefs and Ultra High Reliefs, Ultra High being of a greater height.

02- Finishes –

A coin’s Finish refers to its overall appearance after it’s been struck due to the processes it went through during its creation. There are many types of Finishes, the most common being circulated (like the change in your pocket) and uncirculated (the change that would have been in your pocket if it hadn’t been pulled off the press and preserved). These coins are struck once and then released into public use or kept as examples of the original coins.

Other specific Finishes can be applied after a coin is struck to add detail and are usually used on collectible coins because the application process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Examples are:

Antique Finish: An Antique Finish enhances a coin to appear older than it is, adding a rustic charm to a modern collectible.

Gilded Finish: A Gilded Finish provides a coin with a layer of gilded Gold to add highlight or sparkle and is often used in small doses to draw the eye to a particular artistic feature.

Black or Obsidian: A Black or Obsidian Black Finish enriches a coin with dark coloring all over, or over specific features of its artwork to complement its design.

Colorized Finish: A Colorized Finish brightens a coin by implementing eye-catching pops of color or overall colorization, embellishing its story or artistic depiction.

Satin Finish: A Satin Finish creates a coin with a matte-like appearance and a subtle texture that is show-stopping and durable.

03 - Proofs –

A Proof is a type of Finish, but a Proof coin is made with a slightly different process. Because of the complexity and length of the creation process, they’re typically made in low mintages and carefully preserved in protective packaging. When creating a Proof coin, the dies (the front and back molds for the coin’s design) and the blanks (coins with no designs yet, also known as planchets) are usually polished and sometimes even treated in a chemical solution. A Proof coin is struck twice, or even three times, at a slow speed with tremendous force. The planchets are hand-picked and hand-fed into the machine that strikes them, so you can see how it would be a slow and arduous process.

Regular Proof: A ‘regular’ Proof coin has a very polished, reflective field (the background of a coin face that usually doesn’t have a design), almost like a mirror. Its design has a ‘frosted’ look like it’s covered in a thin layer of icing or frost.

Reverse Proof: A Reverse Proof coin is exactly the opposite. The field is frosted, and the design is shining and mirror-like.

Black Proof: A Black Proof coin is one that was created by using a planchet treated with a solution to darken the metal before the die impressed the design and sometimes reinforced afterward by adding a Black Finish. The result is immaculate artistry and deep contrasts.

04 - Inserts –

7k offers some very unique collectible coins, particularly coins with special inserts that add to a coin’s story or historical significance. If you’ve been with us for a while, you might be familiar with or even possess a few coins with inserts—lucky you! Special inserts we’ve seen in the past include gemstones, crystals, wood, pearls, glass, coal, and even tiny pieces of meteorite.

Share 7k Social Media Shorts

Now that you know the terms and definitions of the special features of collectible coins, you’re ready to begin using our newest tool for piquing interest in your 7k business…7k Coin Shorts! These are quick, 15-second video clips that pinpoint the most interesting features of specific collectible coins and share just enough about their stories to leave people wanting to know more. Check out our collection now on our official ‘@7k Metals’ YouTube page, under the ‘Shorts’ category. Once you see one you like, just hit ‘Share’!

NOTE: As you share on social media, remember to always follow the rules of compliance of the 7k Share Plan by disclosing that you are a 7k Associate and may be rewarded if anyone chooses to buy collectible coins through your 7k site. You can also stay compliant by adding hashtags to your post like #“7k Associate”, “#Ad”, “#advertisement”, or “#sponsored.”

We’ll continue adding to our collection of Coin Shorts, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for the videos. (You could even subscribe to our YouTube page if you want to get notified whenever we post a new one.) Our hope is that these shorts become great tools in helping you pique interest in your 7k business and connect with more soon-to-be-collectors than ever before. We’re excited to see what your social media friends think of your stacks and their stories! We believe that when you share what you love, you might just bring something to somebody that they could love, too.


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