Coin Drop Recap

Coin Drop Recap

coin drop Apr 17, 2021

WHOA!! Folks you done broke the website! (And ruined the IT team's day.)

We had doubled our normal server capacity in anticipation of record traffic for today's coin drop. But then you guys went and TRIPLED the traffic of any previous coin drop. WHAT?!?!

Sooooo.... the site crashed. Only for a few minutes. But during a coin drop, minutes (sometimes seconds) are the difference between getting the coin you want and not. We totally get that is frustrating.  But don't worry, we're already planning to double (again) our servers for the next drop.

Here's the good news

You guys are growing 7k at record-breaking levels. And THAT is a very good thing. Not just for corporate. FOR YOU! The bigger 7k gets, the better the outcome for your business. A rising tide raises all boats and all that.

Here's the crazy part. We had people from Hawaii to Singapore, on a Saturday at 7am to 1am Sunday morning, participating in this drop. But, the coin drops are just a fun bonus!  There are tons of other benefits of your 7k membership... you can get cool coins through the Autosaver program, 7k Selected, and of course it's awesome that you get paid for sharing 7k, too.

It's all part of the fun of succeeding!

Here's more good news: if you didn't get one of the Hawaii State Label coins, don't worry. We only dropped a small number of these today. The bulk of the population will still be shipping as part of the Autosaver program. So, don't worry about that. You'll still get one.

Bottom line takeaway from today's experience? THIS IS AWESOME!!! You guys are awesome, 7k is growing like crazy, and that only means good things for all of us. More opportunities to make cool coins. More opportunities to make a difference for your family. More chances to collect cool coins. More lives changed. More people helped. More abundance to share. More difference made for the world!

Don't lose sight of the real goals here. When you're part of 7k, if we're winning, we're ALL winning! Sooooo.... GO TEAM 7K!!!

We really mean it when we say, WE BELIEVE IN YOU!


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